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So what’s the point?

Today it’s all about DJs, producers, Loops, Sequencers, Sampling. I don’t like this development, so I started collaborating with many different artists from all over the world in order to create some real music, played by actual musicians on actual instruments. Throughout a one year period we released one track after the other on YouTube:  The Chi Might Project.

You can listen for free or download the album on Loudr.fm

If you want to support me, you can order a physical CD copy (incl. a beautiful 16 pages booklet) or my super-sophisticated super special ‘Sina-drums’ USB drive, containing all Chi-Might videos + all Audio files + secret videos and Outtakes: Go to Sina’s Shop.

Go here to see all links for all distribution channels (Amazon, eBay, iTunes) and for more information about The Chi Might Project.

If you are more interested in my drum covers you can support me on Patreon in order to create MORE and BETTER videos.

Thanks for your support, you guys are awesome!