I was born in May 1999. Now it’s up to you to do the maths 🙂
Most likely not
In general yes. Most of the songs I covered were requested by someone, e.g. Wipe Out, Tom Sawyer, Light My Fire and many more. But... For any 'regular' drum cover (the ones that I do not record from scratch) I need to rely on a drumless track, so there are some bands I can't do because there are no good drumless tracks available, like Led Zeppelin, Jimy Hendrix and some more. Also, please note that I get more than 50 requests a week, so it's impossible to check them all out and to comment on every suggestion. I bundle the most requested songs for my polls. Lately, some people requested drum covers of certain songs and then they got really nasty when I had to turn their request down. So please!!! Feel free to send me your request but please don't be offended it I can't do it for one reason or another or even without any reasons...
In the very West of Germany, right in the middle of nowhere between the cities 'Krefeld' (Germany) and 'Venlo' (Netherlands)
It depends really! I might consider to join a professional band anywhere in Europe or America if this band will allow me to make my living as a drummer. I won’t move to another country in order to play on a wedding every now and then. You have a professional job for a drummer to offer? Then send me a message!
It depends again. I get so many requests and I am very busy with the collaborations I agreed to earlier. So what do you have to offer? Are you a great musicians or singer or songwriter? Do you have a great idea for a spectacular piece of art that the world needs to know? Or do you look good at least? Only joking. I guess you got my point…
Yes, click the 'RECORDING SERVICE' tab. Please note that I will only commit to projects I really like and that my schedule is pretty tight.
Yes, check out my album 'Chi MIGHT'
Since the summer of 2015 I endorse Kirchhoff drums. 'Kirchhof Schlagwerk' is a small manufacturer of High Class Acrylic drums. They also build regular wooden drums but they are most famous for their Acrylic Shells. I use an Acrylic set, too. The company is located close to my home village so it was kind of obvious for me to endorse them. Check out their fancy design on https://www.facebook.com/KirchhoffSchlagwerk2006/?fref=ts For my earlier videos I used a Vintage 80s Pearl Masters Custom kit.
I use some Sabians and some Meinl. They are pretty much mixed up but I like the combination
I use Evans for my snare and kick and I keep trying different brands and models for my toms. All resonant heads are Evans - not for a reason but because that was the default setup for both Kirchhoff kits I played so far
Yes. https://girls-got-groove.com/collaborators/mike-wilbury/
True answer, there is non, really. I love many bands and drummers of the 70s and 80s and also some 90s or more current Prog Rock bands, not to forget some 60s All-time-favorites, like The Beatles, The Who, Kinks, Rolling Stones and many more. However, there are some drummers who stand out for me, e.g. the great Jeff Porcaro or Simon Phillipps, but to cut a long story short: It's dozens of bands and musicians I really like a lot and I can't name only a few who I like better than all the rest
Write it down in the comments or send me a message!


  1. ich bin begeistert, dass du dich im klassischen Rock der 70er jahre so gut auskennt… ich bin 40 jahre älter als du, und alles, was du perfekt spielt liegt bei mir als original vinyl platten zu Hause… woher kommt diese leidenschaft, kommt das aus deiner Familie?

    alles gutes!

    1. Hallo Nicolas, vielen Dank! Mein Vater ist Studio- und Livemusiker und ich bin mit Musik aufgewachsen. Damit könnte es zusammenhängen 🙂 Beste Grüße retour!

          1. Hi Dina I’m thinking about starting s band in the future and I’m wondering if you would be my drummer?/

      1. Hallo Sina also mein Respekt hast du auf jeden Fall auch wenn ich von Musik nicht so die Ahnung habe aber was du dort machst ist einfach spitze. Und ich hätte nicht mal gedacht das du aus Deutschland kommst. Ich wünsche dir für deine Zukunft ganz viel Erfolg .

        Du hast es Drauf hör nur nicht auf ich mag noch viele Drums von dir hören und sehen

        Liebe Grüße aus Hessen

    2. Hi Sina
      Ich bin durch Zufall auf deine Youtube Videos gestoßen und es ist einfach Großartig dich da zu sehen. Mal eine Frage weil ich in einem Video was gesehen habe wo du dich selber Vorstellst hab ich richtig gesehen? Kommst du aus Deutschland ?

      1. Sina:  
        “Of course you can pronounce Chi like the English word She and it becomes a personal pronoun. The word Might seems to be pretty obvious. But not quite. It might refer to the noun might, suggesting power, forth and strength but it might be an auxiliary verb: she might or she might not – you can never tell as she’s a girl!”  
        Your explanation for the title of “Chi Might” on your Free Audio page was excellent, demonstrating a high level of academic intelligence, knowledge, and skill outside your high level of music and drums intelligence, knowledge, and skill!  
        However, the quote above, from your explanation, (for this 76 year old American MALE), was, although just slightly sexist, very clever, and entertaining (caused me to chuckle), especially for those of us who have lived through that strong sexism era of history!  
        But, more importantly, to me, it demonstrated that you, even at 16 & 17 years of age, had a good head on your shoulders that was modest and prevented you from “thinking too highly of yourself” — even though we, your FANS, know “how GREAT thou art” (pun intended)!  
        ‘Course i admit that i have considered the possibility that “dear old daddy” might have been instrumental (another pun?) in causing that quote — [got to help protect the public image of our darling daughter(s) during their emergence] as they stake their claim on “The world — Their oyster”!  
        Semper Fi ! 
            ♥   ♥   ♥ 
              ♫   ♫ 

  2. want to try something , that to me , seems like it would be a bit more challenging ? do a drum cover to Papa Roachs’ ” getting away with murder ” give a listen to it , and see what you think….you rock !

    1. Thanks for your request. I just had a listen. Honestly, that’s not quite my music and the drums are not really challenging, so I’m afraid that’s not for me… Sorry, hope you don’t blame me!!!

  3. Thank you for getting back to me @ Youtube regarding the drum kit you are using. Unfortunately Kirschoff drums are a hard find here in the US. I’ve been to several sites in search of these drums. But it seems they are only available in Europe. Oh well! It’s not the end of the world..lol! My personal preference is for Ludwig drums which I have now. But that said, your drum covers are excellent. You cover a lot of vintage rock songs. It’s great to see someone so young playing drum covers to a lot of great vintage rock music. Keep up the great work on the drums, Sina!

    1. Ludwig is an excellent brand. Beeing a Beatles fan I would certainly go for Ludwig if I had to choose a traditional brand. However, if you are interested in thos Kirchhoff drums I am sure the guys would find a way to ship a kit over to the US 🙂

      1. Hi Sina, and thank you for the offer of possibly getting a Kirschoff drum kit over to me. Unfortunately the cost of shipping the kit to the US is a bit too costly. Like I said before, “It’s not the end of the world”…lol. It’s definitely a great kit with a lot of punch to it. I only wish it were available here in my country.
        But I did manage to get a new Gretsch Catalina Maple 7 piece in walnut glaze here in the US. I just need to fit the kit out with some new hardware which I’m in the process of doing. The idea to go with Gretsch drums came from one of your videos where your father is playing a Gretsch electric guitar to the song, “Wipe Out”. The name Gretsch was stuck in my mind for a time, and I decided to check out their drum kits, and after looking and listening to several kits. The Catalina Maple kit had me! So, if I hadn’t been watching the “Wipe Out” video of yours. I never would have thought of looking into getting a Gretsch drum kit. Being a Ludwig fan for years, hence (Ringo Starr). It was in a sense a hard choice to switch over to Gretsch. But the price, and the sound was too good to pass up! That said, my old Ludwig’s that I mentioned before are being passed down to my 12 year old daughter (Alissa), who wants to take up drumming. “Like father, like daughter” lol. Well I must go now. Keep up the great drumming, Sina! ……………… P.S. I know you’re asked by much us who watch your videos to do drum covers of our favorite songs. But if in the future you could possibly do this song , “Hoedown” by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. That would be awesome! If not, I understand as a drummer myself that we can’t cover them all. Once again, keep up the great drumming, Sina!

        1. Thanks a lot Bobby, please say hello to Alissa and best of luck for her drumming! That’s a good age to start drumming and starting on a Ludwig doesn’t sound like a bad idea 🙂 Enjoy your new drum kit, Gretsch is a fine brand indeed!

  4. Have you ever played portions of Led Zeppelin/ John Bonham’s Moby Dick? I read that Page wrote that so he would have something to play during their live shows.

    1. That’s actually one of the first songs I ever learned and one of my first drum covers. Unfortunately, it was blocked world wide and I had to take it down.

        1. Thanks Alex, but it’s still there. This is an old video of 2009. He got away with it then 🙂 All current covers are done to cheap Midi Playalong tracks. I don’t wanna do that… Thanks for the link!

  5. Love u in the u.s. So much drive and talent. would love to see deep purples Burn or any ginger Baker. Keep following your dream.

      1. Hi sins, my two favs by you so far are acdc whole lotta Rosie and sultains of swain! Girl you didn’t miss a beat and you did add more performance! Keep it rocking girl! You are so kick ass awesome!

      1. It is a delight to see such talent, joy and exuberance on the drums. I became an instant fan watching your “Sultans Of Swing” performance. I look forward to seeing your style evolve. It makes me want to play again.

        I have a technical question. Most drummers I know are very particular about their foot gear. Some will use one shoe style exclusively. I know one who always plays barefoot. My preference is playing in socks because it helps me time my hats better. I was a little ahead of the beat in shoes. I noticed you play both with and without shoes. Is there an advantage to each for you, or is it more for comfort? I was curious because the footwork is the weakest part of playing for me. You seem to have excellent form both ways.

        Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  6. Love your playing . Wonderful to see someone your age loving the music i love
    Would love to see you do highway star and some of Ginger Baker’s stuff
    Mike ; Bristol : England

  7. Hey Sina….This is my first visit to your homepage..Its great btw……I’ve been a a follower and then a fan of yours since, the very beginning…. You do a great job..And you are a excellent multi talented musician, and a good and kind person also.. I along with many others love both, your originals as well as covers….I’m am convinced that you are going to do very well and go far with this career…Being from a musical family myself, here in the US…(I wasn’t blessed with talent btw, but I try lol)..I understand how getting that “big break” could get frustrating at times…But I’m sure, this is gonna lead to great things for you……Now to my question…..What is you “Hopes and Dreams” for your future??…Musically as well as Just what you hope for in your everyday life??…………Again I’m sure you are gonna do great at all of your dreams…Thank you so much for all you do and for putting smiles and lifting spirits for so many people..across the world..Kyle..(aka-youtube=shadetree chevy..facebook=Duane)….:)

    1. Hi Kyle, that’s a nice comment really, thanks a lot! I’m always glad if a lady joins the discussion! my Hopes and Dreams? Not sure to be honest. I’m a fan of numbers and science (like my mum) and I just started to study Computer Science but I also love music, so I’m kind of torn between both. The future will tell 🙂 Thanks again!

  8. I like your playing but i can’t stand the toms sound. I hate pinstripes in general, i think they completely kill the sound of your drums. That’s your sound and i can’t critisice you for choosing pinstripes, but if you’d like to try to get some more open, natural sound, i’d recommend coated or clear ambassadors.
    PS. Your’re one year younger than me and you’re still so much better at drums. Your timing is great.

    1. Hi Bartek, when I first had my new Kirchhoff kit, there were coated Evans skins for the toms which I replaced after a couple of months. Not sure if I liked those ones better. Do you have a link to any cover of you, so I can hear what your toms sound like? Or can you paste a link of any video with a tom sound you consider great? Would be interesting to hear! Thanks for your message!

      1. Hi 🙂 Some of my favourite tom sounds are these:
        They are all different but I wanted to show you that i like lots of different styles and sounds, but i surely consider these great. If you’d like me to, i could record me playing my drums in “perfect tuning” and I could upload it. Thanks for the quick response. Cheers!!!

        1. Hi again!
          I couldn’t listen to the 3rd example, it’s blocked in Germany. However, the first 2 examples are pretty much ‘Jazz’, especially the first one is very Acoustic. For the kind of songs I covered lately that sound is not right. I’m pretty happy with the sound I got for those kind of covers. I’m aware it’s a matter of taste and I like my sound. The 4th one by Led Zeppelin is great of course but the drum sound on a modern production wouldn’t be like that anymore. Blame it on the taste of the younger generation and what they are used to but I’m not sure if a band with a sound like Led Zeppelin would be successful today (if they came up as a new band). Something wrong with the general modern taste. It is going to change one day… If you want to record your own set and upload, why not?

  9. Hi Sina,
    mit großer (!!!!) Freude habe ich – selbst Keyboarder – einige deiner tollen Drum-Covers gehört, zuerst “Smoke On The Water”. Wie ein anderer auf YouTube schrieb: Immer mit einem Grinsen im Gesicht.
    Anstatt zu arbeiten, gucke ich seit über einer Stunde deine Videos, habe inzwischen deine CD bestellt…. Großartige Musik!!!
    Zu einem Kommentar animierte mich jetzt aber deine FAQ-Seite – ich musste sooooo laut lachen über deine Liste, als ich die ersten Punkte las…..
    Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und alle Gute!!! Follow your dreams!

  10. Hallo Sina Ich bin auch etwa 40 Jahre älter als du und bin sprachlos begeistert über Dein Können ,Ich spiele auch seit ca 40 Jahren Schlagzeug, komme aber an deine leistung leider bei weitem nicht ran -:( kann mich von Deinen Aktionen gar nicht mehr lösen -:) Meine Kinder sind auch mit dieser Musik groß geworden und hören kein HIp Hop ect. sondern meine geliebten Klassiker , meine Tochter ist ein Jahr jünger als Du hört sehr gerne Pink Floyd hat alle CD von denen und steht mit diesem Musikgeschmack natürlich alleine in Ihrer Klicke // meine Söhne spielen auch Schlagzeug und bass in derselben Richtung ///Ich wünsche Dir alles gute Mach einfach weiter so und sei Du selbst Viele Grüße M i c h a e l

    1. Hallo Michael, vielen Dank für den netten Kommentar 🙂 Mit Pink Floyd steht man in meiner Altersgruppe tatsächlich ziemlich einsam da. Seeeehhhhr schade aber da kann man wohl nichts machen…

      Viele Grüße!

  11. Ich wollte Dir nur mal sagen dass ich dich sehr bewundert ich habe vor zwei Tagen deine Seite bei YouTube entdeckt da ich selber ein bisschen Ahnung vom Schlagzeug spielen habe aber meilenweit entfernt bin von dem was du tust habe ich großen Respekt vor deiner Kunst mach weiter so endlich mal ja mal ein cooles aus Deutschland und nicht nur immer coole Amerikaner

  12. I stumbled across your videos on UTube. I’m very impressed with your skill level. You’ve inspired this 62 year old “hippie” to kick the dust off my kit and start playing again. Please keep inspiring young musicians (old ones too) as music brings us all together in a productive and positive way. Thanks.

      1. I say the same that said Ralph Houser… I’m 52 and I play drums since I was 8… And I’m learning from you at this age!! Many thanks Sina for knowing you and all that you post with this “powerful” groove, girl!!!

  13. Hello Sina,
    I allmost can’t believe that such a drum-star like you (in my opinion) lives near my home place . My home is between Roermond and Reuver.
    I follow your YouTube Chanel for some time, and I became a big,big fan of you. Your music choices are right up to mine and your drumming…wow ..just fenominal!!
    I’m a recreative drummer, it makes me happy But wen I look at your video’s on YouTube, it even makes more happyer. Really love your work.
    My drumkit is an electronic kit from Roland, because otherwise my neighbours would keep on complaining.
    Keep up the good work and live your dreams
    With kind (drumming) regards, Buddy.

    1. Hi Buddy, thanks a lot, nice! In fact, my neigbors DO keep complaining. I planned to record ‘Kickstart My Heart’ by Mötley Crüe this Friday, but before I even started the neighbor rang the bell and mentioned he would prefer if I stopped drumming… Next week my dad will be off so I’m not sure if there will be another cover next Friday…. we will see …

      Thanks again 🙂

      1. Haha lol …i know exactly what you mean.
        Perhaps an idea to get our neighbours in to drumming also hahaha.
        Just keep on groovin girl , it’s a fact that you got it
        Many greetings from a relative close village, Buddy.

  14. Hi Sina!

    I love your videos of covers and your original music. You’ve got nice skills and techniques and a great sound. I also love the sounds of your cymbals, particularly your ride. I know you use Sabians and Meinl, but can you tell me which cymbals you have. I know that your ride is a Sabian XS20, but is it a 20 or a 21 inch? The XS20 line is discontinued, but there is still some in store and your ride is the sound I’m loking for.

    Thanks and looking foward to seeing other videos of you.


  15. Hallo Sina! Great job on the drums. Keep working hard at it. I was just looking at your FAQ’s and saw you were from Germany. The scorpions were my favorite band in my teen years, how about picking a song to cover from them that you like? All the best to you, Rob.

    1. That’s one of the most requested songs. The problem is that I did not find a drumless track yet. I might do it from scratch once I find the right singer…

  16. Hia Sina,just come across your website here after seeing the link on Sultans Of Swing,you have now done 2 of my all time fav songs in Sultans and Woman From Tokyo,cant pick the 1 I like the most between them,got a few questions for you,which is your favourite cover that you have done,who are your favourite band and who has inspired you the most,is it another drummer or as I suspect is it your father.Also love your cover of Don’t Stop Me Now,is great to see you sing along to this song,i suspect this may be 1 of your favourite songs,you have played many songs from my favourite bands but my 2 favourite drummers are Mark Brzezicki of Big Country, ( my all time favourite band ever having saw them live 39 times ) , and Mel Gaynor of Simple Minds,both bands from my Country of Scotland,look up this song if you have the time of Big Country-In A big Country from Glasgow Barrowlands 29/12/93,i was at this gig,Mark in my opinion is the greatest drummer the world has ever seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sas-7ac_t4k and I was at this gig,greatest night of my life,would be amazing if you liked this and covered this song,look forward to more of your work 🙂

    1. Hi Freddy, thanks a lot for taking the time and writing a lovely comment! I might do some Simple Minds next year if I have a chance, I am soooo busy! I don’t really have a favorite band or favorite drummer, that keeps changing all the time. I enjoy a lot of 70s and 80s music, plus some 90s Prog Rock 🙂 and some 60s Beatles/Kinks/Who/Stones…

      1. Hi Sina,thank’s for taking the time to reply,my musical taste is also mostly 70’s/80’s,still an 80’s kid at heart and always will be,another of my all time fav songs which I think would be excellent for you to cover,and you would nail it perfectly,is New Sensation by INXS,in the future wherever your life leads you and whatever you do as you grow older,i hope you will always stick with your music as I think you have a great future there,from a very damp and cold Scotland have a great weekend 🙂

        1. And Mark Brzeziki played with The Cult on the Love album. Listen to “Electric” witch is similar to ACDC kind of music, also “Sonic Temple” and “Ceremony”. And Procol Harum witch are nice bands to consider covering . Got the Big Country blue cover album “The crossing” on vinyl and Simple Minds “New Gold Dream” would be great for covering nice material on there pretty ’80’s stuff. Anyways Sina you have a good choice of covering great classic rock songs and a good filming production “The drone in Bon Jovi’s livin’ on a prayer”.

  17. Hi there Sina. Don’t ask me how or why, but I stumbled across your videos on youtube, and my jaw dropped on the ground when I heard you playing. Not only the covers (which are almost all my kind of music) are magnificently done but also your album Chi Might is done great. I can only agree with Ralph Houser (see his comment above, november 3) “Please keep inspiring young musicians (old ones too) as music brings us all together in a productive and positive way.” You really do inspire musicians. And not only musicians. You also inspire me. It has always been a wish of me to play drums, and you have got me decided to actually buy a drumkit to learn to play. I know you’re very busy, and maybe this is not your typical choice of music, but maybe some day, when you have time and you are in the mood, you feel like making a cover of ‘Toss the feathers’, an Irish song which is played without drums by The Corrs during an MTV’s unplugged session. (They played it lots of times during their concerts with drums) Until then I wish you great playing, and keep inspiring people, but above all; keep inspiring yourself.

      1. I know this album. 🙂 Great songs. I hope your dad is wise enough to let you take part in more projects like these. 😛
        Anyway, thanks for your inspirational videos. I’m sure the world will see and hear a lot more from you.

  18. Hi Sina , ich bin begeistert von dir !
    Ich spiele Gitarre seit ich 5 Jahre alt bin .
    Es ist echt cool das du es in 7 Jahren so weit geschafft hast.
    Ich spieltest du schon einmal vor einer größeren Menge an Menschen ?
    Währe cool wenn du mir antwortest .
    Bleib am Ball, Coole Nummer . ;P

    1. Hallo Tobias,
      ich habe keine ‘richtige’ Band, habe bisher nur mit dre Schul BigBand und auch mit Playalongs vor Publikum gespielt. Noch nie mehr als 500- 600. Mal sehen, was noch passiert 🙂

  19. Have you heard of Galactic Cowboys “Space in Your Face” album? I think you’d love it, in particular the two ‘hidden’ tracks – probably the best on the album..
    I imagine Kings X meets The Beatles meets Dream Theater meets Metallica? I think you could do a wonderful cover of them!
    Just got you “Chi-Might” on CD today… can’t stop listening, a real breath of fresh air
    thank you x

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 Will try to check out the Galactic Cowboys album if I have a chance. Currently I need to learn so many different songs that it’s very difficult to listen to any other stuff on top of it 🙂

  20. You have amazing skill. Keep it up and we’ll see you in America touring at some point whether its with an established band or new. Your future is bright!

    “Come in here dear girl, have a cigar, your gonna go far, your gonna fly high, your never gonna die, your gonna make it if you try, they’re gonna love you.” – Pink Floyd

  21. my wife and me just listened to the songs from Chi Might project and we love it. One comment was “Music like in the good old times”.
    One question: is there any chance to see you playing live somewhere with your collaborators?

    1. Thanks, I love to hear that! Regarding common concerts with my collaborators, that’s pretty unlikely due to the different continents we live in, but you never know what the future brings!

  22. Hola sina me gusta mucho todo lo que haces me encanta el cover de waith snake here go again me dejo loco desde que vi ese video no dejo de seguirte
    No se como seras en persona pero me enamora tu performanse
    Me gustaria saber si aras un cover de QUEEN OF THE STONE AGE – wi go the flow — se que no es un desafio pero es una buena musica
    Saludo sina besos para vos desde Iguazú Argentina

    Hello Sina I really like everything you do I love the cover of waith snake here go again I leave crazy since I saw that video I do not stop following you
    I do not know how you will be in person but I love your performance
    I would like to know if you are a cover of QUEEN OF THE STONE AGE – wi go the flow – I know it is not a challenge but it is a good music
    Greeting sina kisses for you from Iguazú Argentina

  23. Hi Sina,
    Just want to say that your covers keep blowin me away. I wish i had your talent. Just amazing
    I would like to wish you happy christmas hollidays and a super drum-filled happy 2017
    Greets Buddy

  24. Hi,
    I am moved to tears by your talent. i think your version of “Jump” by Van Halen was the best, followed by “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen).
    Can you do Phil Collins’s “I Don’t Care Anymore”?

  25. Okay literally I am really considering putting you in my band, I am a singer, songwriter, and an overall musician, drums is one of my favorites, I work with a lot of synth sounds and I love guitar riffs and making some up of my own and I’ve already made many things to work with, I could send them to you if you would want to hear them, I have written many songs I would like you to try to drum to cause like omg I just found out about your YouTube and I was like omg you’re amazing, so please consider being apart of my band in the future as it will be very wide and well known, I am very pleased to have met you, so please write me back and we will see how it goes from there 🙂

  26. Hi Sina. My 12 year old daughter plays drums as well, and really enjoys it. You are a great inspiration . I see you are a fan of Jeff Porcaro. He is my favourite drummer, and I love playing Toto songs on drums (although I’m nowhere near as good as you are ). Would really love to see how you play Hold The Line. I think Jeff would have been proud of anything you did of his.

  27. Hi Sina!
    I just found your Youtube channel and you friggen ROCK! I wonder though- think you could cover Bob Seger’s Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man?

  28. I assume that you know the rockband THE WHO and the fantastic drummer, Keith Moon. I wonder if you could make a drumcover with one of the most difficult drumparts with the WHO, where Keith Moon really go mad on drums?
    Kind Regards, Klaus Hansen, Dänemark 🙂

    You are a very talented og giftet drummer. The future with som great drumming lays is right before you 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot. For any drum cover I need to rely on drumless tracks. They are hard to find but if I find one for The Who I’ll have a go 🙂

    1. My to-do-list is incredibly long, but the main issue for any cover is that I need to find a drumless track first, that’s very unlikely for any request…

  29. Durchaus beeindruckend. Respekt. Mir scheint, ich habe bisher tatsächlich etwas verpasst, und es gibt offensichtlich wirklich noch Hoffnung für die Musikszene in Deutschland, abseits von Castingshows und anderen kläglichen Formaten. Danke dafür! Ob ein Schlagzeuger wirklich gut ist, hängt nicht von seinen technischen Fähigkeiten in einem bestimmten Alter ab, sondern, ob er in der Lage ist, verschiedene Genres zu beherrschen, und dies buchstäblich mit Leib und Seele. Das ist etwas, was nicht messbar, aber trotzdem zu hören ist. Ich kenne z.B. niemanden, der in der Lage ist, “Ticks and Leaches” von Tool und gleichzeitig “Aja” von Steely Dan zu beherrschen. Um ehrlich zu sein, nicht mal einen Song von beiden. Steve Gadd und Danny Carey sind allerdings auch große Fußstapfen, in die man sinnbildlich zu treten versucht. Aber wenn ich einen ultimativen Wunsch für einen Song äußern könnte, den du einmal spielen könntest, dann wären es in Wirklichkeit derer zwei: “Lowdown” von Boz Scaggs, oder “Human Touch” von Bruce Springsteen, jeweils mit dem Meister himself an den Drums. Ich weiß nicht, was Jeff bei “Lowdown” mit diesem Hi-Hat gemacht hat, aber wenn es eine Definition von “Smooth” gibt – dann gebührt sie ihm, hier, für immer. Und ich liebe den Cross Stick bei Human Touch, und wenn der Song nach dem ersten Refrain richtig losgeht – just brilliant. Dir wünsche ich weiterhin vor allem Eines: Genauso viel Freude und Glück, wie du offensichtlich zur Zeit beim Spielen empfindest, und dies unabhängig von Klickzahlen oder positiver bzw. negativer Kritik. Denn am Ende ist es das, was zählt. Ich glaube, du kriegst das hin 🙂

    1. Vielen Dank, Nils, ich werde mal reinhören, wenn ich eine Minute habe 🙂 Für meine Drumcover bin ich auf drumless tracks angewiesen und die sind nicht so einfach zu fiden, aber ich werde die Augen offenhalten!

  30. here’s an idea , but not a new one. how about some t-shirts with your logo on them ? a big logo on the back , smaller one on the front , just an idea , maybe make some extra money for you ! count me in for an XXL !

      1. Ha ! I just emailed your “office” with the same request. I will proudly wear one and do my tiny part in getting you some USA exposure ! You are a gift to us all. Aim high and you will achieve everything you dream of.

  31. Hi Sina,

    I saw your YouTube video’s today for the first time. Wow… spectacular… I have been playing the video’s all day. Incredibly great. Also because of the variation in music styles. Maybe you should also listen to some songs of Kensington. Very challenging drumming (as it seems to me). I live in the Venlo area. Can we also see you play live somewhere?

  32. Hi Sina,

    Just found your site a few months ago and can’t go a day without listening/watching your covers. Fantastic!! I know you’ve been asked to cover many different songs by a variety of bands. But, I’ve not seen that anyone asked for Free, or Bad Company. I would ask that you listen to their albums and maybe choose something that you would like. There are too many to list. Thank you so much for your great music. It’s such a pleasure to watch and listen to you.

  33. Hi Sina,

    You truly are an inspiration. I only started drumming about a year ago and i absolutely love it. I have two questions; how do you typically learn a new song (ear, sheet music, other) and how long does it take you to get a good record-able version?

    1. Thanks Bill! It depends on the song, really. It took me 8 months to learn Metropolis by Dream Theater and only some minutes to learn Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. I used some sheets before but 95 % of my drum covers are played by ear. Sometimes it’s useful to listen to an isolated drum track on YouTube or just check out another cover done by< someone else 🙂

  34. Simply amazing !!
    I discovered your channel this week and I’m sorry I did not do it a long time ago.
    It’s amazing how a girl so horny is influenced by the great classics. And not only that. You give a beautiful and personal sound to your battery.
    Proud that young blood continues the work of the greatest.
    Continue Sina !!!

    (Excuse my English.
    I am from Spain)

    1. I only did one playalong contest 3 years ago, at Musikmesse Frankfurt. I won the second price, a set of Sabian cymbals 🙂 Today I would not take part in any contest anymore. Music is no sport…




    1. Hallo Sina,
      Ich habe auf youtube nach Schlagzeugsolos gesucht und bin auf dich gestoßen. Das was du machst, ist einfach nur genial, Riesen Kompliment. Ich habe immer Schlagzeug spielen wollen bzw. lernen, aber das hat leider nie geklappt weil in meinem Elternhaus zum einen nicht die Räumlichen Möglichkeiten da waren und zum anderen könnte ich mir ein Schlagzeug nicht leisten. Jetzt möchte ich mir eins kaufen und mir somit einen Jugendtraum erfüllen. Meine Frage an dich ist wo kann ich Musikstücke kaufen die ohne Schlagzeug aufgenommen sind die man dann spielen kann so wie in deinen youtube Videos. Und worauf sollte ich achten beim Kauf eines Schlagzeugs zum anfangen. Vielleicht kannst du mir weiter helfen.
      Liebe Grüße

      1. Hallo Salvatore, vielen Dank für die netten Worte. Man kann viele Drumless Tracks direkt auf YouTube finden, einfach ‘drumless tracks’ im Suchfeld eingeben, da gibt es schon sehr sehr sehr viel 🙂

  37. Hi sina, i am a huge fan of yours from Australia 🙂 love your work, so good for such a young age, you will have a huge future ahead of you 🙂
    I have a song request for you! …i keep hearing it on the radio and everytime i hear it i think how much I’d love to hear/see you playing it!?! It’s ‘so lonely’ by the police, one of my favorites to play too! And has a great bass line and melody and such a great groove to it with that reggae feel, so if your interested and can fit it into your busy schedule i would love love love to hear you play this one day soon 🙂 hears a drumless track version for you to get on your way … https://youtu.be/IXPDhus_v3c
    Keep up the great work and hope to hear back from you soon thanks for all your drumming! You rock Sina! X

  38. Als je zo dicht bij Nederland woont kan je onderstaande beslist wel lezen.
    Ik waardeer wat je kunt en doet, maar bedenk als je bekent of populair wilt zijn hoen daar een heleboel minder leuke dingen bij (helaas).
    Of je reageert is helemaal aan jou, maar bedenk dat NIET reageren niet in je voordeel is.
    Er zijn al teveel “bekende” mensen die minder bekent zijn geworden door niet te reageren op de fans.
    En daar draait het om, om de fans…….geen fans en je bent niets meer.
    Even goed wens ik je het aller beste toe en dat je maar uit mag groeien tot de grootste !

  39. Hola sina como esta?.. bueno no se si eres tu la que esta leyendo esto pero bueno jaja simplemente queria decirte eres muy buena con la bateria… y muy bonita y tambien queria compartirte que mi sueño mas importante y por el que estoy luchando es de ser uno de los mejores guitarrista… jaja ya se suena algo loco e imposible pero bueno… no pierdo las esperanzas que se valla a cumplir…. y me pregunta es si tu tienes algun sueño con respecto a la musica algo como alguna banda o algo así….?

  40. Hi Sina, I love your chops. I’ve been on the drums for 48 years. I heard about you on the local radio in Knoxville, TN, USA.
    My question is this…If you could meet and jam with any drummer, past or present, who would it be?

    1. Thanks again! As I already wrote in my mail, that one drummer should be Ringo – knowing that I would be far too shy to say a word or make a move 🙂

  41. You and your younger sister are very talented and are inspirations to all the little (and not so little!) girls out there that they can do anything they set their minds to. Your parents must be very proud of you! Whether you stay with music as a profession or continue with your education (many musicians also have a day job!) I wish you much success and happiness.

  42. WOW… I love finding young musicians that play at a level far beyond your age! You have absolutely NO reason to be shy if you have the chance to meet Ringo. (he might be saying the same thing about YOU!)..
    I would love to see you play something with Tina S., another You Tube phenom, (guitar player). I can only imagine how far you will take the music industry!

  43. Love your videos on YouTube. So fun to watch!

    Which one are you most proud of? Or, which one took the longest to prepare for?

    My apologies if you’ve already answered these questions; I couldn’t read through all the comments.

    Looking forward to your next one!

  44. How do you practice a song? Do you rather do it with drum sheets or do you listen to a song and work out the drum parts by yourself?

      1. A number of years ago I lived in another country and had several friends from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and they all spoke very good English. Of course, they were older than you and had to use English on a daily basis in the place where we lived. Even so, your command of English is excellent – particularly your writing since you seem to be comfortable with idioms and colloquialisms. I’m sure your English is more than just “school taught”! Maybe you can have a sideline as a translator! Cheers!

  45. Hello Sina,
    Like many others, I came across your You Tube videos and stared in amazement. I love watching extremely talented young people playing songs I grew up with and absolutely killing them !!! You are a very talented musician and I am in awe of your abilities. I loved Chi Might also… Awesome !! Here in the states I just play keyboards for fun in two different cover bands. I just turned 60 and have thought of packing it in – but I love playing so much, I can’t. You have a long life ahead of you and I know you will do well. I will enjoy following your progress. Just don’t let the industry eat you alive. I won’t ask for a song to do as I love listening to anything you do. Keep on Rocking Sina !!!!!

  46. Hi Sina
    Do you like any of Bruno Mars’ music? I personally like it. Asides from that I listen to almost exclusively classic rock. I love your covers and original music. I have been playing trombone since I was nine years old and bass since twelve, and I am astounded by how amazingly good you are.
    Thank you for the music

  47. Hi Sina,
    Wie wird eigentlich entschieden, welche Songs
    per Abstimmung gewählt werden können?
    Kann es kaum abwarten neue Cover zu sehen.

    1. Ich kann nur Songs covern, für die es drumless Tracks gibt. Ich schaue also nach drumless tracks und suche mir welche aus, die mir gefallen. Die stelle ich dann zur Abstimmung 🙂

  48. hi Sina i just discovered you on you tube, you, i, m impressed as a dutch musicfan growing up in the late sixties and seventies and so forth that you apparently love much of that era , your cd chi might are own compositions, did you play all the instruments? one thing i know for sure , were gonna here from you in the coming years,
    finally i got a request, a you tube cover of achilles last stand bonham was awesome on it
    gr Gert-jan ps i share a lot of love with music with my daughter and son

    1. Thanks a lot Gert-Jan! On my CD Chi Might I only play the drums, my dad plays a few guitar and bass parts and his friend and collegue Rick Benbow adds some keyxboard parts but there are also many other musicians included from all over the world. The idea is to feature different musicians for every song. As far as covers are concerned I need to rely on drumless tracks which are not easy to find. So it’s difficult to find tracks for requests, especially Led Zeppelin.
      Best Wishes!

  49. sorry if i’m insistent but it seems that there is not a new tutorial, because i believe that you will release a new video on friday, and it seems that the new tutorial is for the next tuesday. well, i hope you respond this if not don’t worry. i was delighted with every video that you launch every tuesday and friday

    1. Hi again 🙂
      Sorry, I could not upload a new tutorial this ween because my dad is still touring and we couldn’t get it done in time. There should be another tutorial on next Tuesday 🙂

  50. sorry if i’m insistent but it seems that there is not a new tutorial, because i believe that you will release a new video on friday, and it seems that the new tutorial is for the next tuesday. well, i hope you respond this if not don’t worry. i am delighted with every video that you launch every tuesday and friday

  51. You showed up in my fb feed and blew me away……What about doing a cover of your fellow germans The Scorpions….Loving you Sunday Morning……or Rock You Like a Hurricane.(over played tho).

    Keep rockin’ it girl

  52. Hello Sina:

    I just discovered your videos and enjoyed them, being my favourite one “Sultans Of Swing”. Since you like “The Who”, I would love to see a drum cover of “Won’t Be Fooled Again”.
    Keep enjoying what you do, enjoy your life and God bless you.



  53. Hi Sina!

    I want to hear a Pretender of Foo Fighter. You are a really good drummer. I live in Essen and love to hear your cover of Foo Fighters. Thanx!

  54. Hello Sina.

    I enjoy your drumming. You have inspired me to get back in to drumming. I would like to see you do some late 70s and 80s songs, from my time, Maybe the Cars lets go or let the good times roll. Also id like to see Boston’s foreplay/long time. anyway thanks for the drumming.


  55. hi sina,
    to be truth i’m delighted when you’re playing drums, I can’t stop of seeing you play the drums, and also i know that is not easy in some ways. I would play drums, because I saw your last video and everybody thought that you were in wrong gig, except me,

  56. Hi Sina, I’ve been playing drums- a cover band in college, and as a hobbyist for over 35 years since then, occasionally jamming. mostly just playing with music and headphones. It is not my day job, I’m not a pro like you, but I still love to play. You’ve been an inspiration since I found you on YouTube a few weeks ago and I’ve watched a ton of your vids already. Thank you so much for sharing, especially your tutorials where you break it down and slow it down. I’m learning a ton. All great songs too from my lost youth. I really don’t know how you got so good at such a young age, but rock on girl! You kill it.
    I’m curious, do you transcribe the songs you cover and right the parts down, or just memorize everything and learn everything by ear?? I’m trying to figure out the best/fastest way to integrate all the parts into a cohesive song. It seems like it will take me forever to string it all together. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Mitch, thanks a lot for the nice comment! I attended a drum school once a week when I was 10 – 16. They came up with transcriptions from drum magazines, so I learned Metropolis by a transcription and also Jump. But as far as my recent covers are concerned (since 2014) I learn them by ear, I do not transcribe them, I wouldn’t be able to if I wanted. I listen several times and try to remember as many details as possible, but it’s not my approach to be ‘perfect’, for me it’s more about capturing a style.


  57. Hi, Sina. I was wondering if you would think about doing a Santana, Soul Sacrifice drum cover?
    If you’ve never heard the song I suggest you do. You’re going to LOVE IT! Here’s a link.
    Thanks again, Sina. Be well.


  58. You are awesome! I see in your one video, you played drums, ,keyboard, guitar and bass, do you play all the instruments in your original music ? And sing? and math ?? you truly rock!

    1. Haha, thanks! On my album I only played the drums. I also enjoy playing the bass, getting more confident now. But I don’t play the other instruments to a professional standard, more just for fun!

  59. You’re so beautiful and talented. I’ve always been fascinated with drums. Wish I had an ounce of your talent. Love your taste in music too. Wanted to pass on couple of my fave “drum” songs…Braveheart off of Yngwie’s Facing the Animal featuring the late great Cozy Powell, and Mean Man(especially the intro) by WASP from Headless Children with Frankie Banali from Quiet Riot. Also one of my best friends is a musician working work some older rockstar…Matt Starr, Fabricio Grossi, Alex deRosso. Check out Faithsedge “Restoration” top 10 melodic rock on many Asian and European rock magazine. The singer’s daughter is my goddaughter. They both play multiple instruments and she is a year or two older.

  60. Hi Sina, I’m a 40 year old father of a beautiful 3year old daughter and I’m also a drummer who would love my little girl to play and maybe do something like you are doing. My question is : How do your parents handle all the sexual/negative comments that some people post on You Tube about you? . I know your about 18 years old now but when you were younger how did your parents handle it?

  61. sina, you are unbelievable, 100000 suscribers are coming, how do you do for the 20000 views in a day? you’re special

  62. I just discovered you today and loved your rendition of 25 or 6 to 4 and Woman from Tokyo. I would love to hear you do Rock & Roll from Led Zeppelin and I Can See For Miles from The Who. Bonzo and Moon are awesome on those and I bet you could be just as awesome.

  63. Greetings and Blessings to you, Sina!
    With great amazement, I watch your videos on YouTube. You’re an unmatched talent, and I am enjoying learning your story. Im a new fan (I discovered your videos only 3 weeks ago), and hope any future plan to tour over here will be made public well in advance.
    I look forward to listening to Chi-Might, and wish you the greatest of successes!

  64. Hallo Sina, Du hast wirklich einen klasse Sound. Dein Drumming ist ebenso fantastisch.
    Leider habe ich nirgendwo in den FAQs gefunden, welche Mics Du verwendest.
    Könntest Du bitte Dein Mic Setup (Kick, Toms, Snare, Overhead, etc.) posten?
    Hab Deinen Youtube Kanal abonniert und schau immer wieder nach, was es neues von Dir gibt.
    Viel Erfolg und herzliche Grüße

  65. Hi Sina,

    ich wünsche mir The Police – Message In A Bottle

    Wieviele Stunden am Tag übst du? (vllt was für die FAQ?)

    Alles Gute auf deinem weiteren Weg.
    Gruß Thorsten

  66. Hey Sina!

    I noticed you said you were born in May 1999, what is the exact day? I was born on May 27th 1999 and it’s be totally cool if we shared the same date of birth. I’m a learning drummer from Ontario, Canada. I’ve been following your videos for a while and using your drum tutorials to better myself. You’re a massive help for learning “Pull Me Under” 🙂

    I’m going to show your Dream Theater Covers to James Labrie when he gets home from touring. He lives right around the corner from me and would totally love to check it out and leave a comment or two (I might even record his reactions :D)

  67. Hey Sina! I have a song request. It is called Bleed by Meshuggah which I have been trying to learn. For me it’s insanely hard, but I doubt it would be at all a challenge for you. Also, you are one of my favorite drummers on Youtube and it would be awesome to see you play it. 🙂

  68. Hi Sina, I came across your YouTube videos just the other day and I have already watched through most of them! You are a true musical talent! Can I suggest you a cover of “Who Loves You” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons? I think you might enjoy playing it.

  69. i wish you all the destiny, maybe one day you can be in a rocking band. in other words, i hope you improve it, some guns n roses are coming

  70. Just discovered your channel on youtube, and am buying the album. Some of it gives me goosebumps, it’s just great music. I very much like the cover of ‘Nothing else matters’, and you work with some great collaborators. Do you have any plans for another album?

  71. Sina,
    As you have studied many different drummers I would value your opinion on Neil Peart. Is he an exceptional drummer or just an exceptionally accessorized one? How technically difficult is his style and is it musically intricate or just really busy? I do not drum unless you count beating on a banjo.

  72. Hi Sina,
    I really like what you do and I think you’re awesome. Recently I have noticed that your album `Chi Might´ is available on Spotify. It would be a good idea to add the lyrics, too (via MusixMatch). I can do it, but only with your permission. So what do you think?

    1. That’s so nice, Andras! I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that but if you could do that it would be awesome!!

  73. Hi Sina. I just discovered your work a few weeks ago and love watching and listening to you play. You are an extremely talented young lady. I do have a request that would allow you to go totally nuts on the drums. The song is Funky Mule from the Buddy Miles Express from 1969. Buddy was a drummer who, in addition to his own band, played with Jimi Hendrix and his Band of Gypsies. Anyhow here’s the YouTube link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaSpCJwA4jw. Best of luck to you in your musical career and I look forward to hearing more work from you.

  74. Dear Sina, your album is my favorite nowadays, many many thanks for the excellent music.
    What’s the reason, the video Hiatus (with Briony) can’t be seen on youtube?

  75. Hello Sina,
    I hope this message will come to you. I found you on youtube with “wipe out” I know this “song”when I was 12, and now I’m 46 🙁 Drums make the diffrent in a song, so rock on. Animal from the muppets will hate you 🙂 Well, here is something to drum too, I hope the link works, Liebe Grüße aus die Niederlande, Jos Heiloo Holland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4uChl4lmfk Beat your hard out 🙂

  76. Hi Sina,

    Ich bin ca. vor 4 Std bei YouTube über Deine Videos gestolpert und seitdem Laufen ein paar Songs in der Dauerschleife. Ich bin hellauf begeistert, daß ein so junges Mädel eine solche Begeisterung für die guten alten Klassiker haben kann. Deine Drum Cover sind wirklich herausragend. Du hast ein Wahnsinnstalent.

    Meine Favoriten von Dir sind die Doobies (ganz groß) , Alex van Halen und Dein Keith Moon Cover. Ganz großes Kino!

    Ich wünschte mir ein Cover von Thin Lizzy – Bad Reputation….eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsbands und der Song ist einfach für gute Drummer geboren worden 😉

    Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute und Erfolg bei allem was Du anpackst.

    Hau rein Sina!

    LG Stefan

  77. Sorry ist vielleicht kitschig aber ich hab geweint als ich Deine Version von Sultans of Swing gehört habe. Unglaublich. Wahrlich Terry Williams-Style (Alchemy-Tour). Ich hätte das nicht für möglich gehalten, geschweige denn von einer noch nicht volljährigen. Fantastisches Talent, ich wünsche Dir dass Du daraus das machen kannst, was Du möchtest! Wie geht es weiter, Musik studieren? MfG … ach ja auch wenn die Wunschliste geschlossen ist, eins meiner Lieblingsstücke ist Lazy von Deep Purple in der Made in Japan-Version.

  78. Hi Sina,

    By coincedance, when checking out some drum stuff of an old friend Raymond Herveille and his band Anderkovver, Youtube suggested one of your covers to look at. I ‘m glad I did. Damn your good and just the music I love! Keep it up, good stuff also the original tracks! Always wanted to start learning how to drum. Never had the confidence to do so. Have you tried Born to be wild by Steppenwolf already or is that not much of a challange to you?

    Schöne Gruße

    Ferry – Puth, Limburg, Niederlande

    1. Thanks a lot Ferry! Born to be wild is a great track of course but my to-do-list is soooo long…


      Greetings in die Niederlande!

      1. No sweat! I already guessed that your agenda is jammed till way beyond X-Mas 2027 🙂
        I’m highly enjoying all your other videos anyway. Love the new Bon Jovi gig. Doesn’t that outdoor breeze mess with your hair 🙂 Nice footage and sound by the way; respect! Keep it up, you’re doing an awesome job! Good example to all those youngsters which are glued to their PS and X-Boxes. Looking forward to future posts.

        Your 10-mile-long to-do-list; is it somewhere to be found on the Internet. Curious what’s coming next…

        Ich habe alle fünf Holländer bei mir im Dorf gegrüßt.
        Man I gotta move to a decent place soon.

  79. Meine zwei Söhne versuchen sich im Schlagzeug-Spiel. Durch Zufall sind wir heute auf deine Youtube-Seite gestoßen und sind einfach nur begeistert! Bist Du evtl. auch bei einem Konzert zu hören?

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg!

  80. Hello Sina, Happy Easter to you. I’m about twice your age and a former drummer. I earn my living as food and beverage manager in a hotel. I can only listen and dream about drumming since it would be too noisy for the wife, daughter, and neighbors. I don’t know how you manage it. Maybe I have to get one of those ugly electronic kits. In my job I always ask people about food so my question(s) – what are your favorites? Are you a Döner Kebab girl or do you like more traditional fare. What’s your favorite food to eat at home, your favorite to eat if you go out, and, if you cook, your favorite to prepare? Do these questions sound too strange – well we all have to eat and enjoy food! Have a wonderful day.

  81. Hi Just found your site and love your music. Can’t believe I’ve not come across you before. I really want to expand what music I play but how do you go about getting backing tracks with no drums in them ? Apart from the odd book I can’t find any anywhere. Or is it that you use an original track and take out the drum line? I’d love to know as you’ve really inspired me.

    1. Thanks a lot and welcome, Linda!

      For my covers I use drumless tracks which were created by someone else. Frankly, I do not have a clue how they were done 🙂

  82. Which do you find more difficult to do: figuring out the drums for a cover or creating them of an original?


    1. It depends on the complexity of a song. Figuring out the drum parts for an easy Pop song is no challenge at all. Getting those things right for a Rush or a Police cover is a challenge. What I do with my original songs is somewhere in between 🙂

  83. Moin Moin aus Norddeutschland!
    Ich spiele selber Schlagzeug und bin Veranstaltungstechniker…
    Und ich bin sprachlos, wie wahnsinnig gut du Schlagzeug spielst! Echt fantastisch!
    Mich würde mal interessieren, welches Recording-Equipment so benutzt wird. Also welche Mikros, Pult(?)oder ein Subkick Mikrofon dabei ist (weil die Kick ja schon ziemlich tief ist;)
    Würde mich über eine Antwort und viele weitere tolle Videos freuen!

    Liebe Grüße

  84. Hello from Virginia Beach, Virginia USA . I ran across one video of you playing and got so caught up in your playing and before I knew it I had watched over 15, and I’m still enjoying them. You seemed so relaxed when you play and you seem to have fun, and that’s what counts. I play Bass myself and have been for over 58 years and each time I play I’m in another world and very relaxed. Keep up the passion you love, And I “Thank You” for sharing the videos.

  85. hi sina again, i have another question for you: i’m new on patreon, i started recently joining to your page, but how i do to support you with the next cover of friday?

      1. yes, i make the possible but again the credit card avoid me to support you, i can find another way

      1. If you caught my attention, now that won my heart hahah

        I love how you play the drums and how you ” messing around ” with other instruments, you fascinate me

        Do you have any advice to start a youtube music channel?

        Regards! 🙂 (From Tenerife)

        1. Thank you! Yes, if you want to run a successful channel you need to be consistent and you need some discipline. You won’t get an audience over night. Unless you have some sensational content it will take time to find your audience!

  86. Hey Sina, greetings from Oz! After many years out of the drumming scene I bought a new kit and my 10 year old daughter has been getting into it. We came across your youtube channel and now she says “I’m going to be the next Sina”. Love ya work, inspiring stuff.

  87. Hello dear Sina…
    You’re the German Goddess of Drumming… I love all you cover, especially the 70’s 80’s period…
    it’s a pleasure to hear you playing with so passion… Congratulations

    Can you please possibly make a cover of this great Song of Ratt
    Or one of Nightwish
    I know you have a huge lot of request.. I’ts just an idea…

    And just for fun this is a Friend playing many cover of Lordi, It’s the Swiss beast Drummer… Lol
    Is Nickname was Mr Killjoy… Look at is drum stick playing …

    Greeting of Switzerland…. And be Strong and Proud….. Thierry

  88. Hi Sina, I just discovered your covers 2 days ago & I wanted to say how much I love your videos. I’ve noticed that there are so many people your age who are great at playing music. My brother was also born in 1999 & he taught himself how to play guitar about 3 years ago. I also found a few other musicians such as yourself on youtube all around that same age. My grandfather was also a musician years ago & my brother posted a lot of my grandfather’s music on youtube. Maybe you would like to check some of it out. They are pretty much just music not videos but they are still great recordings. There are a few videos from 1996 that my brother put on there. My grandfather isn’t in some of the actual videos. He played keyboard, piano, organ & accordion plus some singing. He also one video of himself playing guitar & singing at a school concert.


    1. I can’t tell, really. None of them would have worked that well in a band of another of them, so they were all playing in the right band, that’s the important thing. I love all those bands and a lot more, my priorities keep changing from day to day 🙂

  89. Hi Sina!
    I sent you a message a few days ago thru contact form with some interesting links and to say thank You for nice comment on Sofia’s video. That meant really, really much to her. As I said, she just adores you. Now I just would like to make another suggestion on what you might cover next, or at least to think about it, or just listen to it 🙂 because it’s just on of the best rock songs in past two decades: Bruce Springsteen / The Ghost of Tom Joad, and not studio version, but one with Tom Morello on vocals and guitar. Song is from 1995, but version with Morello is released in 2014.
    Thanks and best regards to you and your dad!

    1. Hi again and thanks for your request. Some issues though – I’m fully booked for a couple of months, my to-do-list is incredibly long and I need a high quality drumless track for those kind of drum covers – they are only available for a couple of songs, not likely to find for random requests, so I’m afraid you have to bear with me….

  90. Sina, Happy Birthday to You! Just saw this is your birth month! Really love your work! I have been listening and watching for little bit over a month now! How many instruments do you play? Would love to hear you talk more!

  91. hi sina
    love all your playing can you tell me what the drum called its see through that you have on the kit you played hotel calafornia please what make and where can i get one please
    all my love

  92. it is a shame that somebody stole the guitarist, yesterday i saw the information and i say that the guilty must be in process, i hope you don’t blame me because i was always appreciating your talent, that’s not mean that you had left replying, because i know also that another guitarist is complaining, have a nice day
    jorge luis arias vente

  93. Verfolge grad seit einer Stunde Deine Videos auf YT!
    Was bin ich begeistert, dass es solche Nachfolger der guten Musik noch gibt! Wahnsinn.
    Grüsse von einem alten Metalfreak aus Koblenz am Rhein
    Rock’n’Rolf (erster Bassist der Band Pyracanda)

  94. sina, don’t get confussed with the name of my media, i’m jorge luis arias vente only for the foreigners i’m dickinson, understand that i’m the same person

  95. The following songs witch may have in the future (in sina-drum)?

    I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross
    Africa – Toto
    Groove 45 – Salsa
    Fantasy – Earth, Wind & Fire
    Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire
    September – Earth, Wind & Fire

    1. All great tracks but not easy to find drumless tracks – Toto causes copyright issues on YouTube, so no Africa, sorry!

  96. 15 year old son is a drummer and would love to know where to find drumless music for him to cover. Any recommendations?

    1. Yes, do a simple query for ‘drumless tracks’ on Google, there are tons all over the web, but best tip: Do the same query directly in YouTube, there you can find a lot 🙂 Best Of Luck!

  97. Hallo Sina,
    obwohl ich schon einige deiner Videos geschaut habe, ist mir nie aufgefallen daß du deutschsprachig bist. Dann wurde mir von YT das Here I Go Again Cover vorgeschlagen wo mir an der Treppe die vielen deutsche Bücher auffielen und mich dann die Neugier packte mal hier auf der Seite vorbei zu schauen.
    Ich wünschte ich würde eins meiner Instrumente so beherrschen wie du aber da fehlt mir wohl der Ehrgeiz zu 😀 Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg und vor Allem viel Spaß bei der Sache!
    Danke daß du uns mit dein musikalischen Talent unterhaltet m/

  98. Greetings, Sina. Of course I agree with everyone about your musical talent, but it’s clear that you also have a good business mind and OMG your mathematical interests must be complimented! I’ve designed computer circuitry and followed a link from your YouTube channel to a 2-bit multiplier circuit lesson! You’re living a life of maths using the Nyquist-Shannon theorem.
    p.s.: My drummer keeps time well but how can I get him to arrive to practice on time? Vielen dank!

  99. Hi, I’m from Venezuela, im such a big fan and i love you and your videos so much, i start playing drums like 3 years ago, what method do you think is best to learn to play drums? PD: sorry for my bad english xD

    1. Thanks a lot! Just play the music you enjoy yourself. And if you want to go to the next level include some technical exercises – depending on the styles you want to play 🙂

  100. hello sina again, last time i sent you a message and i asked for the tutorials, but you say that you had finished the drum tutorial, i believe that is coming live tutorials, see you on friday

  101. Hi Sina! I’ve been following you since two days now and I’m fascinated by your talent! You’re style of playing is just the best I have seen! And I really wanted to make a quick request and Is if you could make a Cover of One by Metallica, I would really love to see a cover from that song by you!

  102. ( Thank’s about drumless tracks and copyright. )

    The following song may have in the future (in sina-drum)?

    Flieg mit mir fort – Andrea Berg

  103. Hi Sina. Really enjoy your videos. Have you considered covering any Doobie Brothers songs? Perhaps “Jesus Is Just Alright with Me.” They were my favorite band in the 70’s. Saw them 5 times in concert. Keep up the great work!

  104. I can’t help but think there has to be hundreds of bands that would like you as their drummer and have asked. Is it your choice that you remain as a solo drummer or just haven’t found the right fit? With your diversity of songs you perform, I can imagine you might get bored performing just one certain style/sound in the world of music.

    Over the course of the last year or so, I have discovered countless young European girls/ladies performing on YouTube. You, MonaLisa Twins, Avonlea and those that you have videos with, plus countless others. If I lived in Europe and was a promoter, I would think gathering you all together for a concert tour would be an excellent investment.

    I have to say, watching “Wipeout”…my feet and legs ached just watching you. 😉

    1. Thanks a lot, Bruce. The reason I did not play publicly in bands so far (I did play though) is that I live in a small German village with no other musicians around. There have been many requests from the US but there was no chance for me to commit to any of those. Now that I’m 18 the world looks a bit different and I started quite a few different projects – but nothing I would make public at this time… Please bear with me 🙂

  105. Seit über 30 Jahren mache ich selber Musik (Sänger, Heavy Metal Cover, Judas Priest u.A.). Durch zufall bin ich auf Deine Vids in Youtube gestossen… Wahnsinnig gut wie/was Du spielst. Ich liebe Dein Tom Sawyer Cover genauso wie Pull me under. Und es macht Spass Dir zuzusehen beim spielen, Du lachst dabei und da springt der Funke über. Vor allem finde ich gut, das Du weder arrogant noch überheblich rüberkommst und Spass an der Musik hast… Supertoll, gefällt mir sehr gut. Tja soll einer sagen die jungen Leute haben keinen Sinn mehr für gute Musik….
    All thumbs up…….. Weiter so

  106. Hallo Sina.
    Habe dich grad zufällig bei YouTube entdeckt und ich muss sagen: HAMMER!!!!
    Obwohl ich Deutschlehrer bin, fehlen mir da die Worte… 🙂
    Ich klaue mal einen Kommentar, den ich bei “Bohemian Rhapsody” gelesen hab und versuche es damit auszudrücken: “You really do care for and respect the music you perform as a genuine musician.”
    Liebe Grüße und mach weiter so,
    Michael aus Süddeutschland (ein großer 60er, 70er und 80er Fan)

    1. Hallo Michael, Deutschlehrer, oh je, da muss ich mich wohl zusammenreißen und versuchen, meine Rechtschreibfehler zu minimieren… Vielen lieben Dank für die netten Worte, als 60er, 70er und 80er Jahre Fan bist du hier auf jeden Fall genau richtig 🙂

      Beste Grüße in den Süden!!

  107. Bonjour Sina,
    Bravo pour toutes vos interprétations, ce que vous faites est formidable, vous êtes très douée.
    J’aimerais si cela vous tente, vous voir interpréter “Soul sacrifice” de Carlos Santana.
    Je souhaite aussi acheter votre album
    Merci encore.

  108. Hi Sina, I’m Aron from Tamworth NSW Australia, myself and friends have enjoyed watching your collaborations with Victoria K and Andrei, they are awesome, my personal favourite is your cover of The Trooper, that was brilliant!! Do you have any plans of coming to Australia to perform or have any more collaborations with some Aussie artists in the pipeline??

    1. Hi Aron, thanks a lot for your nice message. There is more to come with Victoria! As far as touring in Australia is concerned…. so far I hardly left my basement, so I’m not quite sure if my first shows should be on the opposite side of the globe 🙂 Though I would love to be there!

  109. Hallo Sina,
    ich bin kein Musiker (absolut Talentfrei) aber was Du und die anderen Meber von The Chi Might Project da gemeins erschafft ist genial. EInfach toll zu hören.
    Könnt Ihr nicht einmal ein “USA for Africa – We are the World” Cover machen?
    Daraus dann eine Challenge und anedre Musiker mit einbeziehen.
    Die Welt von heute braucht mehr Licht.
    Ansonsten macht weiter so ihr seit genial.

  110. Hi Sina,
    bin begeistert von deinen Videos und schau mit diese immer wieder gern an. Es ist einfach genial die zuzusehen. Manchmal würde ich mir gern eine Lächeln und einen Blick in die Kamara wünschen, glaub es würde dir gut stehen. Wünsch dir weiterhin alles Gute und ich bleib dran….

  111. Sina, Du bist einfach der Hammer, mehr kann und braucht man nicht sagen… wahnsinn. Du spielst mit soviel Gefühl, Spass… da zieht es einem glatt die Schuhe weg! Bin 23 und Du spielst die Musik mit der ich Dank meines Vaters aufgewachsen bin. Da macht das Zuhören und Zusehen gleich noch mehr viel Spass! Respekt, mach weiter so!

  112. Hallo Sina,

    hab Dich auch zufällig auf Youtube endeckt,, als ich nach ein paar Covers von “money for nothing” geschaut habe. Dachte bei Deinem, interessant, muss ich mir anschauen. Seit dem laufen Deine Songs in Dauerschleife und habe gleich Deinen Kanal abboniert!!
    Wie Peter “THE ROB”Berger oben schon schrieb, bleibst Du auf dem Boden, wirkst natürlich und hast Spaß daran, was Du machst. Das ist klasse! Dachte wirklich schon, dass die Musik bei der heutigen Jugend ausgestorben ist.. Ein Glück, dass Du uns vom Gegenteil überzeugst!

    Viel Glück, weiter so!

    1. Ich weiß ja nicht, ob noch Musikwünsche “erlaubt” sind, aber vielleicht hast ja mal auf das hier Lust? Einer meiner Favoriten.. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

      1. ‘Erlaubt’ ist alles 🙂 Das Problem liegt eher darin, dass ich inzwischen bei so vielen Projekten zugesagt habe, dass ich kaum Zeit für andere Sachen außer der Reihe habe…

  113. Glen Campbell – I’m not gonna miss you.
    Not a drum heavy song, but perfect for you and your friends. A tribute to one of the world’s best musicians singing about his upcoming death.

  114. Hi Sina! I love watching you play the drums, you really pour your heart and soul into it. I just subscribed to your you tube channel and really look forward to seeing more videos from you! I do have one request if I may. I just watched your cover video of Kiss – I was made for loving you. You did an awesome job! If you would, would you please consider doing another Kiss song “Forever”? I love the way Eric Carr played the drums in their Kiss video. It looks to me like it would be very hard but a challenge is sometimes a good thing! If you can’t or don’t care to, I completely understand. I know you are a very busy woman! I thank you for sharing your talents with us and it’s greatly appreciated. I hope you get much support for all your hard work! Also, have you ever met any famous rock star in person or ever heard from one? I’m sure they would be amazed at your playing! Take care and best wishes!

  115. Hello Miss Sina.

    This is a late message but i’m truly greatful that you send me a new copy of Chi Might when the first one got lost in the mail. It’s so nice to put in in the cdplayer when i came home from work and filled the bathtub and put a beer on the edge and press the bubblebotton and just relax and enjoy your fabaulus originalsongs.

    I have a question Ive would like to ask you about a projekt so i would aprichiste if you could contact me. Best regards Magnus from Stockholm.

    Have a great weekend.

  116. Hallo Sina,

    mir gehts hier, wie vielen Anderen auch. Da stöbere ich ein wenig im YT und finde einen Song, der mir gut gefällt. Dabei war ich gar nicht darauf vorbereitet, dass Du da mit im Spiel bist. Für mich wirkte das wie ein wunderbares Extra Schmankerl. Damit war mein Interesse speziell an Dir schlagartig entbrannt. Was könnte da noch alles von Dir kommen. Ich war früher selbst mal Musiker, nur nie Drummer. Trotzdem war ich immer von guten Drummings begeistert (Antolini uvm.).

    Tja, je mehr ich von Dir gesucht habe, um so mehr und immer wieder liefen mir mit Deinen Covers weitere wohlige Schauer den Rücken runter. Eine Nummer besser als die Andere. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass so junge Mädels, wie Du solch ein unglaubliches Talent haben. Davor muss ich als “alter Sack” wirklich den Hut ziehen.

    Ich bin selbst ein Liebhaber der Klassiker (und betreibe auch eine Website, die sich auschließlich um die Klassiker kümmert) und habe all’ diese guten Zeiten mit erlebt. Ja und diese Klassiker der Misikhardware scheinen sich auch sehr gut mit der eben so alten Software gut zu ergänzen. Nachdem ich nun aber gehört habe, welch “neues” Leben Du den alten Songs mit Deiner Performance einhauchst, bin ich nun hin und weg von Dir und Deinem virtouosen Spiel mit den Drums. Da kommt meine klassische Anlage mit Deinen Aufnahmen wieder so richtig in Schwung und in der nächsten Zeit werden wohl die Nachbarn einige Strassen weiter von mir mit Deiner Musik versorgt ;).

    Dir scheint es offensichtlich sehr viel Spaß zu machen (und das sollte es ja auch) und wenn ich dann auch noch sehe, mit welcher Leichtigkeit Du da spielst, da geht mir schon wieder ein Schauer den Rücken runter. Kurz, ich konnte nicht umhin, 1. Deinen Kanal zu abonnieren und 2. Dich auch gleich noch zu unterstützen, indem ich auch einen Stick von Dir erworben habe.

    Solche besonderen Fähigkeiten muss man einfach förden. Ich finde es einfach genial, wie absolut synchron Du mit den Songs spielst. Ich würde mir und auch allen anderen in der Musikwelt wünschen, das wir von Dir noch sehr viel mehr zu sehen und zu hören bekommen.

    Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute und ganz viel Erfolg fü Deine musikalische Zukunft. Ich glaube ganz fest an Dich und bin mir sehr sicher, dass Du das auch mit viel Freude schaffen wirst. Wie das auch schon einige Andere gesagt haben, bin ich echt froh, dass es auch aus Deutschland wieder mal richtig guten und dann noch so jungen Nachwuchs mit so viel Talent gibt. Bitte bleibe für uns alle weiter am Ball.

    Schöne Grüße aus dem Westerwald

    1. Hallo Klaus,
      vielen lieben Dank und Grüße zurück in den Westerwald! Es freut mich sehr, wenn dir meine Arbeit gefällt. Mit der Musik von heute kann ich nicht viel anfangen, daher spiele ich momentan hauptsächlich klassische Rocksongs. Wer weiß, vielleicht wendet sich das Blatt ja irgendwann mal wieder zu handgemachter ‘echter’ Musik 🙂

      1. Hi Sina,

        Du hast das drauf und genau deshalb glaube ich an Dich. Ich hoffe mal, das Du auch ein Paar eigene Kompositionen machst, die kein Cover sind. Du bist gut genug dafür. Mach ansonsten aber weiter so, weil das einfach unendlich Spaß macht. Ich wäre auch mal gerne live bei Dir dabei. Das ist noch eine besondere Athmosphäre. Schade nur, dass wir nicht mehr in “Deiner Ecke” wohnen. Wir wohnten noch vor 6 Monaten in Deiner Nähe. Da wäre das sicher mal gegangen. Wenn es mich noch mal in Deine Gegend verschlagen sollte, würde ich gerne mal persönlich bei Dir reinschauen, wenn Du kein Problem damit hast.

        Schöne Grüße aus dem Westerwald

  117. Hi Sina, you have another fan here. Can’t believe how great you are and I am watching all your drum covers. They’re all amazing but particularly the Dream Theater stuff. Wow. The sound on your kit is also incredible. Would love to see you doing See See Rider by Elvis or Polk Salad Annie, also by Elvis (huge Ronnie Tutt fan). Keep on Rockin’ Sina…

  118. Hello Sina, recently I found your Youtube channel and I like it, very nice musical taste, its amazing that you look like lovely girl and at the same time you understand and attack what you playing on drums. Saludos desde Mexico.

  119. Hey, do you like some jazz and fusion? it would be great see you playing some of bebop jazz or something like that, please listen Tank! by The Seatbelts, if you make a cover of that song it would be amazing!

  120. Sina,
    I haven’t seen anyone on YouTube cover Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Can’t Go Back’. Will you please consider this song for your next cover?

    Love your drumming!

  121. Hello Sina,
    I haven’t seen anyone on YouTube cover Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Can’t Go Back’. Will you please consider this song for your next cover?

    Love your drumming!

  122. Hey Sina, Still in awe of your music, but as I’ve read some of your requests, you need to chase up them Double sided T-shirts, I’d buy one.

  123. Hi Sina!

    Your drum work is amazing, I love to hear you and your friends play! I’ve tried my hands (and feet) at playing the drums, and I know it’s a very challenging thing to do…I can never seem to get my feet and hands working separately very well. Anyhow, one thing I’ve wondered is do you ever play anything by Rush? Neal Peart is one of my all-time favorite drummer/percussionsts and his drum solos are absolutely amazing.

    Keep up the great work, and I look forward to hearing more original songs in the future!

  124. Hey Sina big fan my name is John-Paul I Love your music vids expcially Kickstart My Heart drum cover . Can you plz do a Q&A live stream as I have a few questions if not here they are
    1will you consider joining a Canadian band as a drummer as there might be a new band
    2can I plz have a shout-out in your next vid

  125. For some reason the last comment never got sent! Would you, Alexei and Victoria consider Joe Bonamassa version of Last Kiss? Listened many times to it and realised that the dynamics on the drums are ‘right up your street! And, of course, Dad needs to play the organ part. Keep on rocking, and ask Dad to enhance the ride and crash cymbals. Can’t quite hear them in the mix.

  126. Where do drum-less tracks come from? Do you need separate recordings and then simply leave out the drums, or is it possible to delete drums after everything is already mixed?

  127. I’m 74 years old and have no musical talent whatsoever. I found your videos last night and have not stopped watching them. I want to learn much more about drumming. It is fascinating. I looked around the net for other girl drummers(Is that the proper word?) and most of them started at age 5 or 6. You started at age 10!! My biggest question is how can the brain coordinate two feet and two hands at the same time? I hope to find answers. I’ll buy some drumming books if I can find them. I’m also going to find a way to support your work. I respect talent like playing great and learning English so well. I still cannot speak proper English and I live in the Western part of the USA!

  128. Hello Sina,
    I am curious if I could help you find sheet music for Led Zeppelin Songs, so that you can do Led Zeppelin Covers? Always Happy to help Out.

  129. I just recently discovered you on youtube and I’m glad I did. You have great taste in music that you cover and I think you’re very good. Also, I like your originals. Your videos are well made with great angles that catch all the action. Some are quite whimsical, too. I wish you great success and all the happiness life has to offer. Take care, play hard, and keep smiling.
    A fan in Colorado.

  130. Not quite sure how I got to this site in the first place but glad I did.Since I have been here I find it hard to get away.Just watching and hearing you play almost makes me want to go buy another drum set.Yes I did play many years ago long before you tube. Hal Blaine was the one that inspired my to play. I bought a small set ,set up in my parents basement with a record player and some 45s. Well anyway since I don`t really have time for that anymore I will just be happy with you keeping me entertained. Keep up the good work.You are one beautiful and talented girl (and so is your sister so give her some credit too)
    and I will do as much as I can to support you.

  131. Hey, I saw your videos with my little daughter (4 years old).. and she loved them!!. Please, keep on doing your fantastic drum covers. I’d like my little daughter to play the drums like you when she is a little bigger…
    Greetings from Ecuador

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