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According to many critics, this piece by Mark Moody is one of the best tracks on my original album ‘Chi Might’. To celebrate 100 k subscribers you can download the song for free, enjoy!

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Hey, thanks so much for finding me! This is the place to check out my original music, my covers, tutorials and much more. I’m also available for drum recordings!

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So what’s the point?

Today it’s all about DJs, producers, Loops, Sequencers, Sampling. I don’t like this development, so I started collaborating with many different artists from all over the world in order to create some real music, played by actual musicians on actual instruments. Throughout a one year period we released one track after the other on YouTube:  The Chi Might Project.

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  1. Sina,

    Have you asked me what your name means?

    The “Hebrew” words SI & NA would be “excellency” & “raw” (I have read), also “now” (with NA). Sounds like the physical attribute of the beauty of women. The Greek words SEIO & NAI would be “shake, move, quake” & “yes, truth” (& this might be “wave truth” & “wave yes”). Energy truth, wave existing, & wave reality would be beauty I see in you. Your hair, your joy with heart, light with smile, and your move.

    Tobin Michael Alland

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t know that! Apart from Si = Chi = Energy, that’s where the album title comes from. Thanks Tobin!

    2. Love your drumming. Have you ever considered starting your own band or joining up with a group you would love to play with.

      Love Gregor ( I am 72 years old but love most music and good drummers!)

      1. Thanks a lot Gregor!

        Yes, I would like to be in a band but I need to wait until I’m 18 and have a driver license. Not many Rock musicians in my village 🙂

        Best Wishes!

    3. Hi Sina, I don’t know how to comment on the YouTube channel or here lol but I’m thinking Spinal Tap as your favorite movie… I am John Parsons

  2. Hello Sina. I’m going to comment here, because I avoid commenting on social media, and because I think the likelihood of you seeing this note is much higher here on your own website.
    This is about your work. I stumbled upon a clip of yours on YouTube when I was researching some Ventures tracks, and was hooked in 30 seconds. You are so amazing that I spent the whole afternoon looking at your videos – aww heck, work will just have to wait! 🙂
    I just want to say that you are really one VERY talented woman! I really mean that! Your folks must be so proud!
    I’ve lived and worked in Las Vegas, USA for almost 20 years, so you can guess that I’ve seen quite a lot of talented drummers here, week after week. A lot of the biggest names tour here. When compared to that, you can believe that should you ever decide to go professional, you will be a huge success, in my opinion. However, no matter what you do with your life, you have the right stuff to win at it, whatever it may be. That is very clear.
    One vid that impressed me the most where you do Diamonds switching 10 different drummer styles on the fly. Whaaat!? That is so mentally hard to do, and you were so smooth in the transitions! We’re talking superpowers here!
    There’s nothing left to say, but that you are a simply amazing and unique talent. I feel so lucky to have found you.
    If you ever come to the US and tour in Las Vegas or California, my wife and I will be in the front row, or maybe I’ll be working the venue even. Who knows?
    Now Sina, I know that this isn’t a a request page, but we would love to see you do some Mick Fleetwood, and especially some INXS – Jon Ferriss is my all-time favorite drummer (and is in the style you like). So strong and precise at the same time, and with such unstated feeling. Wow.
    Here’s something you might find amusing… If you can get a video copy of INXS -Live Baby Live-, specifically their concert at Wimbley stadium, look at the 4th song in, -it’s called “Stairs”. About a minute+ in, Jon breaks a stick, tosses it and grabs another one, and keeps on, all without missing a beat! Ya gotta love that. In fact, I challenge you to not fall in love with Jon Farris’s drumming after seeing that Wimbley Live Baby Live concert! In fact, I think I’m going to send a note to him and advise him to check you out.
    So, you keep on playin’ and I’ll keep watchin’ and jammin along from here.
    All the best!

    1. I could not agree with you more Joe. I’m a former professional drummer and this girl is really good. Very classy, great stage presence and just a down right stone bone FOX!!!! I too preferred to ride the bass drum barefoot. I would like to see her tackle some progressive Rock, some Jethro Tull, Yes or even better, Return to Forever, AL diMeola. Sinatra could even provide dance video’so along with her drumming. If you can play drums, you can dance, very good. Keep On Truckin Sina!

        1. HI Sina, Jim here. Have watched several of your videos on YouTube. I am more then impressed. To practically keep up beat for beat with the best drummers ever is truly amazing. And to make it look so simple while having fun puts you in a class all by yourself. I can see one day future drummers doing covers of your music as you to become the best of the best. Kept up the good work.

    1. Oh, that’s hard to tell as I like so many different bands. On top there are Extreme, Toto, Van Halen, Supertramp, Boston, Queen, of course and a LOT more. Did I forget the Beatles? Oh Dear! The list could go on forever. I love Michael Jackson, Motown sound, and… and…

      1. You are something to see Sina. Since I found you while just jumping around sites looking at different drummers I’ve pretty much stopped looking and am just impressed wiuth the natural talent you have. My one request would be if you could do a cover of Queens “keep yourself alive”. That was the first Queen song I ever heard and have liked them since. Watching you play is a treat since everything you play I listened to during my teen years. I’m 60 now. God that makes me old!!! Keep on rockin girl.

  3. Just listened to your “Hotel California!”
    It was flawless.
    What a great tribute to Don Henley and the Eagles. Glenn Frey RIP!
    I know from reading on your website that you want to do more original material, and it’s very cool, but it’s great to hear you continue to do a really great cover from time to time.
    Nicely done Sina!!!

  4. Like some above, I was mesmerized by your talent, and passion……I’ve come across another artist (plays guitar), similar passion and talent. See if you think that if might me worth a virtual collaboration. I say that because I’d love to hear it………..her (old) you tube handle was Iowa91 (she has a new one, I just forget).

    I’ll look out for it, if you go for it………thanks, and keep up the superb work………

    1. Hey Bryan, appreciated a lot! This girl is Laura Cox. She is very famous by now. Very difficult to get in contact with those kind of YouTube stars. Never ever got an answer on any request from any famous person on YouTube 🙂

      1. Agreed, Sina. Laura Cox is pretty awesome. Would be cool if she reached out to you. There are more than a few talented woman who are making their fame on You Tube. In what seems a predominant “male musician” world, kick-ass woman drummers tend to stand out (sorry Dave A.). So, collaborating with other You Tubers seems such a great way to get noticed. Hell, look at what happened to Justin Bieber – HAHA.
        (OK…I just threw up a little bit just then…sorry)

  5. Cool!! What incredible timing! It’s almost my birthday and my “chi Might” CD that my wife ordered for me just arrived this morning! That was fast delivery and it got here in perfect condition, even with a trip all the way to the US. Thank you so much, Sina. We love it. We’ve had it playing twice through already. It’s like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Ahhhh.
    We’ve been dancing all around the house! 😉

    Thank you for the note too! That’s lovely.
    And being a collaboration with all those other talented artists, it’s like getting 10 CDs in one! Props to all of them too! We think they’re all really good.

    Actually, I’m going to go back to your site to order the USB drive version next payday, bc I want all the secret videos and outtakes too. Also because I want to picture frame this CD and the booklet for my wall – just so that in 10 years people can see how smart I was to have discovered you way back in 2016! 🙂
    Thanks again Sina. You got us up on our feet, and made us both feel great today!!
    Best wishes from Las Vegas, USA.

  6. Sina,
    In my spare time I was a music director for a Civil War Fife and Drum Corps and taught a lot of young guys the fife and snare drum. One of my sons now works for Disney as a Visual Effects Imagineer and he plays the trap set. You would be a great inspiration for him. He is 28 and lives in Los Angeles. What a great talent you have. I like your rendition of “Whole Lotta Rosie.” I’ll send him a link to your site. Keep up the good work. How about some Beatles “Back Beat!”

    Best regards,
    Pete Holman

    1. Hi Pete,

      thanks a lot for your nice and encouraging message. My dad has been involved with various Beatles Tribute Shows since 1999, so there has to be some kind of Beatles Tribute from my side one day but I did not find the right way to approach it yet. It needs to be something special 🙂

      However, my dad and I helped these girls to record a version of HereComesTheSun:

      Best Wishes!

      1. Sina,

        Some project suggestions. Led Zeppelin,”Rock and Roll,” very fast but you can do it no problem and the Beatles “Just Standing there.” Maybe a three song Beatles mix and segway from one song to the next. Another old song by Sniff N’ the Tears, “Driver”.

        Best regards
        Pete Holman

    1. Even though the lyrics are about as raunchy as can be, it is a fantastic rock classic with great drum and guitar work… Your fans out here would love to see how it’s done, along with your improvisations which are pretty cool.

  7. Hi Sina- I enjoy all of your video’s. Some I watch over and over. I am fascinated by your talent and love for the classics of the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. I know you probably receive thousands of request to do songs and I know you can’t honor all of the request. I really like the ‘Girls Got Groove’ voting for your favorite song. You being an great drummer I would like to request to you to listen to Linda Ronstadt’s version of an old Warren Zevon song, ‘Poor Poor Pitful me.’ He did it in 1976 and Linda’s version was 1978. There is some awesome drumming on her version. When I listen to the song I can imagine you playing. Please keep doing what you’re doing. I enjoy it. :):)

    1. Hi Jimmy, thanks a lot for your message and request. I gonna check it out. I need to rely on drumless track and they are not available for every track. Will do my best but my list is very long 🙂

  8. Hi Sina, I’m becoming addicted to your drum covers. I heard Patty Smyth of Scandal singing ‘Warrior’ yesterday and automatically my mind went to you on the drums. You were awesome. :):)

  9. Hi Sina,
    My name is Dave and I am a 55 year old drummer. I know that may sound dull and boring to you, but please remember that laughter is always good for the soul. 🙂 I just wanted to say that I first noticed your drum cover videos while searching around on YouTube, and I was so amazed by your gifted skills and musical talent that I stayed up late beyond bedtime with a big batch of popcorn just so I could watch nearly all of your videos on your YouTube channel. I really enjoyed watching you play each drum cover, especially the cover to Wipe Out by the Surfaris. Was that your dad playing along with you on guitar? If so, please tell him that he is an excellent guitar player, and that I enjoyed watching him play as well. While watching each of your YouTube videos, I kept thinking : “Now there’s a very talented and gifted young lady and musician with a bright future ahead of her”. However, I was bit discouraged when I saw that you were covering some classic rock songs that contain some pretty nasty and distasteful lyrics. Please don’t take offense to this comment. I just think that your musical skills, talent and presence would be better portrayed in good taste if you covered more songs from the “cleaner” rock & roll bands like Chicago, Heart, Rush … and many more. Keep up the great work and God Bless You.

    1. Hi Dave, thanks so much for your nice message and thanks for taking the time to check out so many of my videos! You are right on Wipe Out, that’s my dad. He played most guitar & bass parts on my original songs and he encourages me to look out for new challenges. Regarding the lyrics of my covers – as a non-native English speaker I do not pay much attention to the lyrics (I have to confess) Which songs do you consider unsuitable? Metallica? I never thought about it, really. Hopefully the next ones are less nasty!


      1. Hi Sina,
        Sorry for this late reply. Maybe it is just me, but I tend to steer away from any classic rock songs that contain lyrics that are vulgar, satanic, inconsiderate and disrespectful, etc., even though they can be fun and challenging to cover. One classic example would be “Runnin’ With The ( Devil ) ” by Van Halen. I can see how it would be tricky for you to recognize some of the distasteful lyrics from being a non-native English speaker. Heavy metal bands are sometimes notorious for writing songs with distasteful or unsuitable lyrics, but I also respect the fact that you can’t always easily recognize the good lyrics from the bad ones. Keep up the excellent progress, Sina.

        1. Maybe your mom or dad could help you pick out cover songs that have meaningful and spirited lyrics?

          Old Days by Chicago. I think you would enjoy the time changes and the free spiritedness of that song.


  10. I know you rock the house you know you rock the house go go on your already ibd buy the first ticket to hit Jacksonville Florida you have such an amazing passion for every instrument you play that’s a rare and special gift Sina got to say the ukulele video blew me away you actually still hot water out after the song that’s just .. Amazing skills

    1. Oh thanks! I think I’m going to release the Ukulele video on my YouTube, too. Drums only get a bit boring after a while!

  11. Im glad to see someone from the younger generation realizing good music compared to all the garbage tech stuff thats out there today. My entire family history involves musicians all the way back to the early sixties,including my 19 year old son who is the last in our bloodline. He has taught himself Guitar,Drums,Piano and now recently Bass Guitar and recently joined a band. I cant wait to show him your stuff when he gets home from classes today.He will be thrilled!

  12. Hi Sina,
    many have already spoken of your great talent and I can not do anything but confirm.
    But I want also to add your own great naturalness and simplicity in playing a difficult instrument like drums. The drums in your hands, it is as if ithey had a soul.
    I’m astonished!
    You’re a monstre of cleverness.
    A warm hug from Venice (Venice) Italy.

  13. Hi Sina,
    many have already spoken of your great talent and I can not do anything but confirm.
    But I want also to add your own great naturalness and simplicity in playing a difficult instrument like drums. The drums in your hands, it is as if ithey had a soul.
    I’m astonished!
    You’re a monstre of cleverness.
    A warm hug from Venice (Venice) Italy.

      1. Ciao Sina, scrivo dall’Italia, vicino Roma e spero ti riesca di leggere i miei più sinceri complimenti e gli auguri per una splendida carriera dietro quella batteria che suoni mirabilmente. Ho quasi sessant’anni, adoro la batteria da quando ero bambino, ma non sono mai riuscito a suonarla ed è il rimpianto più grande della mia vita. Ora passo il mio tempo nell’ascoltare e vedere batteristi di tutto il mondo. Tu stai occupandone gran parte dello spazio. Ho sempre ascoltato Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, E.L&P, e tanti altri in Italia amo particolarmente la P.F.M. e sarei felicissimo se mi faresti una cover di “Celebration” (È Festa). Ti ringrazio se vuoi concedermi il privilegio di leggere questo scritto e ti saluto cordialmente. Pierluigi Conciatori.

  14. Ciao Sina, scrivo dall’Italia, vicino Roma e spero ti riesca di leggere i miei più sinceri complimenti e gli auguri per una splendida carriera dietro quella batteria che suoni mirabilmente. Ho quasi sessant’anni, adoro la batteria da quando ero bambino, ma non sono mai riuscito a suonarla ed è il rimpianto più grande della mia vita. Ora passo il mio tempo nell’ascoltare e vedere batteristi di tutto il mondo. Tu stai occupandone gran parte dello spazio. Ho sempre ascoltato Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, E.L&P, e tanti altri in Italia amo particolarmente la P.F.M. e sarei felicissimo se mi faresti una cover di “Celebration” (È Festa). Ti ringrazio se vuoi concedermi il privilegio di leggere questo scritto e ti saluto cordialmente. Pierluigi Conciatori.

  15. Hi Sina,
    I recently read where one of your fans sent you a T-shirt all the way to Germany from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located in Cleveland, Ohio. I was just there for the first time last Thirsday, and what a great experience. I was there for nearly five hours and absolutely enjoyed every minute, even though there was still more to see before closing time. The whole experience made me feel that every musician who enjoys classic rock should go there at least once, because it is definitely a one of a kind lifetime experience. The original Ludwig
    drum set that Ringo Starr played on with The Beatles from 1964 – 1968 is on display there, along with many other historic and genuine instruments, clothing, etc. that The
    Beatles used during their early years of performing. No imitation stuff on display. Everything you see there is the real thing. I think you and your family would really enjoy the experience.

    The gift shop ships to the U.S. and Canada only, but you can get somewhat of an idea what the whole place is like just by looking at the items for sale in the gift shop.

    PS: Maybe you could hint to your mom or dad that you would like to travel there for your next birthday. Just a thought.

    Take good care!

  16. Hi Sina: Believe me if you ever do come to the US to play drums in concert I’m gonna try to buy the first ticket. I would love to see you play live. :):)

  17. Hey Sina. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia! I post as “TamaSonor” on Youtube and came across your videos a few weeks back whilst searching drum covers. I listened to your first album Chi Might via LOUDR a few times and did not expect to like it as much as I did, so decided a purchase was definitely in order and just bought the digital version. While it’s an incredibly eclectic mix, as collaborations of this sort are bound to be, I think you have assembled some great talent and there are some real gems in the collection. Most importantly, hearing you play outside the constraints of drum covers shows what a true talent you are and how adaptable you are to different styles, which are the hallmarks of a serious musician and in many ways, so much more important than the technical side of playing. So I predict big things for you. Please don’t be discouraged by comparative lower views of your original music versus your drum covers. Original music is always going to be slower to catch on. I’m sure with the support of your dad (who I see is a musician of note) and I’m guessing the many musicians in your life, you have a great support network who will help guide you on your musical journal. And I really look forward to seeing where this takes you! All the best!!

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks so much for your lovely message and greetings back down under! You are perfectly right with every aspect you mention. I am aware that covers will always be more popular than original songs by unknown musicians. But the more I’m aware of it the happier I am to hear that someone likes my originals, too. Now that I’m in the middle of a new drum cover series I really enjoy to look into all those different styles. I’m sure it will be good for my drumming. It can’t be wrong to learn from the best 🙂

      Thanks again

      1. Definitely Sina. To survive in music we have to give people what they want which in most cases means playing covers. Absolutely nothing wrong with that and it brings people a lot of joy. And you’re right, apart from being damn fun to play, there’s much to learn in playing them. And you always do such a fine job with them. I picked Bohemian Rhapsody and Light My Fire in the poll. Love Densmore’s sometimes latin inspired playing 🙂



  18. Hi Sina,
    I was wondering if you could give a description of your drum set piece by piece? I don’t recognize the brand, so I assume that perhaps it is German and was custom made just for you, yes? I am also interested in the Hi-Hat stand that you use with your set. I noticed that the pedal is a DW Iron Cobra, but is the stand also made by DW?



    1. Hi Dave,

      I’m not so much into gear and technical aspects but we already thought about having my dad make a little video explaining the gear and hardware and also microphones etc. So that’s on the agenda for November I guess 🙂 You are right about the drum kit. It’s an Acrylic set by a small German drum factory called ‘Kirchhoff Schlagwerk’ which I endorse.

  19. That would be great. I am most interested in what size drums you are using with your set, along with the cymbal models and sizes, as well as what model and make of your Hi-Hat stand.

    I also really like how your custom drum set doesn’t utilize bass drum mounted toms, and what a great sound from the acrylic shells. Have you ever thought about suspending your bass drum like some other drummers? Not that it doesn’t sound great the way it sits now. Just curious.

    Take care,


    1. Ok, I’m going to haunt him 🙂 Not sure if he will have a chance next week as he has 2 gigs to prepare so it might be the week after

  20. Hi Sina, I discovered your videos today when I noticed you playing Van Halen’s “Jump.” Loved it. I am making a request for you to cover a kind of obscure, but great song for a drummer called “The Cage” by Elton John. I think you might like it and I’d love to see you play it.

    1. Interesting. The demos of the track I found are without drums, so I might have a go on a drumless demo once I got some extra minutes 🙂

      1. It’s off the “Elton John” Album. Another one of his that you might like is “Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting”

        1. Thanks guys, I really like Elton John’s early stuff but I won’t have a chance to look into it as I’m fully booked until February (at least). Sorry! Work being thrown on me all the time!!

  21. Hello Sina, just to congratulate you for your great work. It’s nice to find such a young person like you into all the great music of the 20th Century. Aside of your big talent, you play with an impressive feeling : face expressions of yours while playing and the moves of your head show all your passion for what you’re doing, which is great.

    I know you have a big list and I don’t know if you like Status Quo. Do you know a song of them called ‘That’s a Fact’ (original version 1976)? I think there’s an interesting drum work on it. Just proposing.

    All the best from Catalonia

    1. Thanks a lot, Josep. I don’t know that tune, need to check it out. Fun fact: Rick Benbow, who did some keys for my album and who will be part of our team for the next productions has arranged the strings on the new Status Quo album AQuostic 2, which is also called ‘That’s A Fact’

      1. Hello Sina and thank you very much for your answer.

        Nice coincidence the one you explain. Yes, Status Quo have chosen ‘That’s a Fact’ as their first single from their new album. It’s surprising they chose to cover that tune acousticly and give the whole album that name too. ‘That’s a Fact’ (original version on the ‘Blue Fpr You’ album – 1976) is one of the most forgotten and even obscure tracks of the band.
        Keep on the good work Sina.
        All the best

  22. I’m totally stunned. Keep drumming Sina, you have true talent & are beautiful. Please consider doing something by Prince. ‘Kiss’s would be awesome!

  23. Really enjoy your videos. And I’ve learned some “new” old songs from my youth.
    Would you consider someday taking on the challenge of Aja, by Steely Dan?

    1. Sure, only problem is my time. I have scheduled one cover per week, there is a poll ‘what to cover next’ and it will last to the end of the year to do the best voted tracks

  24. Hi Sina, I have listen to your cover of ‘Listen to the music’ three times already since you released it this morning. I love it. You did a fantastic job on it and I appreciate you doing the cover. It was one of the songs I voted for in The-what-to-do-next-poll. Thanks again. I admire your work. :):)

  25. Just swinging by after seeing some of your videos on YouTube. You’re fantastic drummer, so I figured I would offer a challenge/request. It’s a bit of a long song, but the drums are awesome. Especially during the last half of the song. The song is called ‘Anesthetize’ by a great band called Porcupine Tree. I have posted a link to the video bellow. Keep on rockin’.

  26. Just stopped by to say I like your drumming and very pretty too. I know your comfort zone seems to be classic rock, but how do you do outside of that comfort zone? Songs like:

    * Foo Fighters – Everlong/Monkey Wrench
    * Tool – 46 & 2
    * Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows

    Rock on!

    1. Thanks Sessh, I kind of found my ‘niche’ and I wanna stick to Classic Rock songs/bands for a while (plus I keep recording original music). have you seen the Dream Theater stuff I did?

  27. Ich schließe mich mal Sessh an, wäre schön wenn du mal was von den Foo Fighters covern könntest, würde bestimmt gut rüber kommen. Ich füge mal noch Learn to fly als Wunsch dazu.

  28. So many compliments for you. And very much deserved! I am a vocalist and work with very good drummers on runs and raps, and I just have to say that you really have IT! Keep putting it out there young lady and one fine day you will find yourself on a list with the greats! No doubt about it.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us!
    Much Love,

  29. Hey Sina,
    I stumbled across your videos while searching on Youtube and Im glad I did! I love your style and the obvious enjoyment you show when playing. I am super impressed by the way you have improved over the few years you have ben playing. You are great! Dad is doing a great job with those videos too. I would love to hear you cover a Phil Collins number if you could in the future, maybe Easy lover. You know what I would love to see you guest on stage with Phil Collins or Bruce Springsteen on their tours. That would be amazing to watch and listen too! Keep your stuff going! Im probably responsible for about a few thousand views of your videos so far 🙂 Quite brilliant.

  30. Love the videos thanks. Really like that you play such a wide range of music. Have you heard Tocatta by Sky. Great drummers music. Would love to hear your cover of it.

    1. Yes, that’s a great track, I know the recording. Johann Sebastian Bach was one of only 2 internationally acknowledged German Rock stars. Ludwig van Beethoven was the other one.

  31. So, there I was, innocently drifting around YouTube when suddenly I stumbled across one of your drum routines. I admit, I normally would have passed it over, but it was the one for “More Than A Feeling”, which is probably one of the greater rock songs ever recorded, so I clicked on the link.

    Enchanted, I clicked on more of your links, although I admit I didn’t know half the songs.

    Then I came across “Wipe Out”.

    Being a drummer in a high school rock band back in the 60’s, it was practically ‘required reading’ that all drummers do the riff, which I did. On the subject, that was a sweet lead your dad laid down, so give him my compliments. As for your routine, I’d say it was a slight cut above the original. As you’re coming out of your last solo around the 1:58 mark and the guitar’s breaking back into the normal riff, you put the tiniest of hesitations into the beat that really made it superb.

    That’s the good news.

    The bad news is that you have two very important drumming aspects that need to be worked on.

    The first is the all-important art of drumstick twirling. Meet the master of the craft:

    If you watch real closely, she actually flips a stick on the way to clashing a cymbal, rather than just waiting for a break in the beat. A good example is right at the :58 mark. She’s also equally adept with both hands.

    And then we have the proper attire for a female drummer. I mean, seriously, a Van Halen shirt? We gotta get you dressed right, girl!

    Just kidding, Dad! Honest!

    Anyway, thanks for the good times on YouTube, and best of luck in the future. You truly have the gift.


  32. if you play all the numbers that are requested, you must be out of your mind.
    But King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man ?
    Don’t look at / listen to Carl Palmer ( live Loreley 2016 ) he gives you an inferiority complex.
    However, it could easily be the other way around.
    Have a rockin’ 2017; the best is yet to come.

  33. You are sooo good! Impressive.
    But a song that could be a challenge even for you is “Lucky Man” from Emerson, Lake (who died only two days ago) and Palmer (at the drums).
    I hope to see you on YouTube again.
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks a lot, Joaquin! Yes, that’s a lovely tune, however, I need to rely on good backing tracks without drums, very difficult to find for requested songs!

  34. Hi so nice & so powerfull girl…..I´m a senior fans and from my far country called Chile would like the next cover : Get Ready ( Rare Earth ), please listen this song (alive), performed a long time ago ( Woodstock )—sorry my bad english– Best regards from Chile.

  35. Hey Sina , Have you tried doing Iron maidens Somewhere in time or Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner? I have heard you cover Maiden and your great. these 2 songs were always fun for Me to play just thought.

  36. Hi sina.

    You’re not just a pretty girl, but you can also enormous good drumming.
    To your facial expressions sometimes to see that you are far to go.
    Great to see how much fun you will experience drumming.
    I’ve watched many videos on Youtube.

    My favorite top three.
    1 Fool in the Rain *** (class what a drum speed !!!)
    2 Master of puppets. **
    3 Kickstart My Heart *
    And Rapper’s Delight with those beautiful blooper at the end.
    Good luck with your music career.
    Greetings from the Netherlands Merry Christmas and a happy (music) New Year.


  37. hi sina, just watched your new billie jean cover you did, loved it. I’m an 80’s guy. love any thing 80’s. now that you did a cover with your sis, would love to see the 3 of ya, your dad, do something together. it would have to be fast and loud, like something from kiss. great job.

  38. Having grown up in the 60s, and listened to lots of classic bands in the 70s and 80s, it’s great to see there are some kids these days still keeping some of the “oldies” alive; seems that so much of recent pop is really not very good and way to electronically produced (autotune et al). Great job!

  39. Hello Sina…
    I’m a 70’s rocker in the US… I came across your video’s while searching for “here we go again” to listen to. Next thing you know i’m spending hours listening to and watching your video’s. Really enjoy your talent as a drummer.

    I voted for “go your own way” for the next song cover… some thoughts on a few next cover songs to do would be: Roundabout by Yes, Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who, Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson, and Mama Let Him Play by Jerry Doucette.

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing your next releases.

  40. Hi Miss- Loved you cover of ‘Light My Fire.’ It was great. Your drumming was excellent. You may or may not have heard the story of when the Doors were booked to play on the Ed Sullivan show in 1967. The lyric ‘Girl we couldn’t get much higher’ was suppose to be changed to ‘Girl we couldn’t get much better.’ In those days the thinking was the line may refer to drug use. Well, Jim Morrison used the original line anyway and they were banned from the other 6 performances they were to do on the Ed Sullivan show. That show helped make stars of Elvis , the Beatles and other bands in the US. The
    Doors went on to become stars anyway. Thought you may want to hear a little trivia. By the way I voted for ‘Go your on way’. I would love to see you play the drums to one of my favorite songs by Fleet Wood Mac. Miss Sina I enjoy watching you play drums to the great song of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

  41. Sina, Moby Dik would be an absolutely killer solo.
    Of course do the wholw thing with sicks and don’t break your hands! 🙂
    JB was a such a crazy as someone can be 😀
    Greetings from Finland, love You 🙂

  42. I could not believe the talent you have! I help promote a local cover band, and your talents and abilities surpass those of seasoned musicians! I hope to hear more from you soon!

  43. Love to see you do a cover of As I Am by Dream Theater, also covers of Click, Click, Boom by Saliva and I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace. You have an extraordinary talent for someone so young, keep up the good work and you will make fat stacks of cash one day.

  44. good morning , I was just wondering how many requests you get for different songs ? must be 1000’s by now ! you’ll be about 75 years old till you get done playing everything everybody wants to hear , lol…
    nice to see John Densmore , the Doors drummer approving of your ” light my fire ” cover , that has to feel good !!….classic American rock !
    have a great day , little drummer girl !

    1. It’s many request!!! Too many, to be honest, they come in on all channels, YouTube, Facebook, by eMail. If I would click all Links and listen to all suggestions, I wouldn’t have the time to play a single note myself all week 🙂

  45. Dat zei ik je toch op 07 december. Helaas kan je niet overal op ingaan. Probeer een beetje structuur aan te brengen en zelf nog een leven te hebben. ( wonend in de buurt van Krefeld moet je Nederlands kunnen lezen ).

  46. Sina-
    Like many others, I am very impressed with your talent. I am an American living in Memphis TN. I play percussion, mostly congas, djembes, cymbals etc.

    We have a very rich musical heritage down here- Delta blues, all the great rock & blues legends that came thru Stax and Sun studios. The legend lives on with tons of talented groups all over town.

    No doubt you have the talent & drive to do something special musically- your talent is equal to or better than many successful players.

    Best of luck to you & if you visit the U.S., make sure you visit Memphis!

    Joe K

  47. Greetings from Russia! Sina,You’re amazing girl! I,during the “hazy youth” played in the band on drums. And not by hearsay know how difficult it is and at the same time exciting. You merge with the drums and become a part of it.And you get it just super.Well done! Keep it up! I wish you many new successes! With respect. Maxim.Russia.

  48. Hello from the cold, wind blown Rocky Mountains in northern USA! I just want to tell you how refreshing it is to see a young person taking their talent seriously and doing something special and real with their life. You are very unusual, and I mean that as a serious complement! You’re having a very positive effect on others–whether you realize that or not. Please don’t ever second-guess yourself. You know what to do in life, and you’re doing it incredibly well. The fact that you are so young, makes your accomplishments all that more important and moving! Best wishes for you and your success in this new year =)

  49. Hi Miss Sina- One of your old adoring fans here. As good as you are and as many fans that you have now I’m sure there is no way you will ever be able to play all the drum covers that are requested of you. BUT, if you ever come across a song by Z Z Topp called ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ you should listen to it. I’m sure the drumming blood in you would began to bubble. :):) Love your drum covers.

  50. Hello sweet rock princess; I supposed you are better, well I wondered about the last poll result, what are the next drum covers, i’m expectating with the drum covers and also to run into with you someday. Kisses to you and do it bettet

    1. I just launched a new Poll! Will try to post some originals in between but the poll for the next covers is online now!

  51. I would like to see you cover a Tool song of your choice. I have no doubt you will nail it, just like all the others I’ve seen. You are quite the talent! Keep up the phenomenal work!!

    1. Oh yes. I’m totally with Rick on this one. I would love to see you do ’46 and 2′. It has some odd timing, it’s fantastic. If you like the song, please consider doing it. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us, Frank.

  52. Sina,…. You are fantastic ! I would love to see you really test your skills… MOLLY HATCHET, flirtin with disaster, would be awesome to see. Please try to put it in your song lineup. Thomas, Knoxville Tennessee

  53. Hi Miss Sina- I know you don’t have to look for drum covers to do because you are probably supplied with too many already. Ha On the song ‘Once Bitten Twice Shy’ drummer Audie Desbrow does an awesome job playing it. You know, I just bet you could easily hang with him doing a cover of the song. Love watching you do drum covers of music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Please keep up the good work. :):)

  54. hi sina love to here you do LAZY by deep purple & dazed and confused by zeppelin . also , where do you get your backing tracks from ?

    1. Hi Dane, for my drum covers I use drumless tracks which can be found on YouTube. For my original songs (e.g. Doing The Right Thing The Wrong Way) I don’t use backing tracks, those tracks are recorded and produced from scratch. Therefore, I can’t share any backing tracks for my original songs, sorry!

  55. Hi Sina. I love your videos and your skills blow me away every time. You already covered a few AC/DC songs, maybe you consider doing one more somewhere down the road. If so, ‘Riff Raff’ would be amazing. It’s a great Phil Rudd track with a little twist. I think you’ll love it. Thanks for all the great videos and music you share with us. I love it. Frank.

  56. I enjoy all of your videos. I even purchased your CD of new music. Loved the song with Lauren I. Both of you are very talented. I saw the new video today, No sir I won’t play in my underwear. Loved the boots.

  57. Hi Sina , stumbled across your youtube vids today for the first time & was hooked watching a number of your different covers for an hour. Many above have said it , “you are talented” very talented. All i can add is believe in yourself & your ability even no matter if things go pear shaped at some stage , always go back to your root instincts & gut feelings for what you believe in of your music. All the very best for the future young lady.

  58. Hi Miss Sina- I’m so sorry you didn’t get to put Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ on for us. I love the song. I know it surely wasn’t because you didn’t want to though. I’m sure as many Rumours albums that were sold over the last 40 years they aren’t hurting for anything. But we live in a complex world. Mick Fleetwood does some outstanding drumming in that song, as you know. I can only imagine how great you would have sounded. Keep up the good work. You have lots of eager fans awaiting your next drum cover.

    1. Hi Jimmy, yes, it’s a pity. However, I can share the video privately with my inner circle and my supporters. So if you send me a mail (you can use this website’s form) I can send you a private link 🙂

  59. i understand you sina for the problem of friday, there is a lot of copyright claims and i know, to be true, i’m hoping for the other drum covers, i say that i want to see a little of guns n roses and men at work, and i know that i could make you a lot of requests, i know that a new drum tutorial is coming, if you don’t have problems you can check any of my videos and you can suscribe if you want. i hope you like

  60. hi sina, i apoloogize for the links that i send you in your page, i hope you understand me, i know that a new tutorial is coming and please don’t consider the comments with links, i’m ready to see your new tutorial and don’t worry princess for that

  61. Hi Sina,
    I love your drumming, you are very talented and I enjoy watching your videos.
    I have a question for you:
    Have you thought about doing a video of a drum solo?
    Maybe inspired by Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, John Bonham or maybe someone else you like.
    Would love to see what you can do.

    1. Hi Dane, meanwhile there are so many crazy people on Facebook that I started ignoring what’s going on there. I rarely look at the timeline comments and to be honest I’m not a big fan of Facebook timeline comments, but I don’t bother really. If you have something important to share feel free to send me a mail 🙂

      1. You know sina your comments about Facebook are similar to my experience but perhaps in reverse , About 3 years ago I went on Facebook for the first time for about a month , then I quit Facebook , the reason was that some people would take offence with my opinion of something , so I thought well so much for free speech , but also its easy for things to be taken out of context especially when some people think that they are smarter than everyone else , so they think that there opinions are the only correct ones .. unfortunately for you , you are so highly exposed on the World Wide Web that you are exposed to all kinds. Of people but you seem to be handing things well . for myself I am staying much more low key on Facebook this time around , but I must admit I am enjoying commenting on what you do . Thanks again for answering me , you really are a sweetie !!!

  62. Hi from Boston! You are amazing. So psyched to see young, talented drummers rip it up. Especially girls. Such an inspiration to others! I like how sophisticated you are with your videos, recordings, website, etc. Do you come from a musical family? Anyway, I wish you nothing but the best of luck moving forward. You have a bright future ahead of you!

  63. Hello Sina.

    Discover you by “accident” couple à weeks ago on youtube when i was searching for AC/DC and i saw your version of whole lotta Rosie. And after that i was completely hooked. My god you are so full of talent and i hope you get a call from Geddy when Neil wants to retire. Iv’e seen almost every cover you had done and you are truly amazing. So now iv’e orderd Chi Might because i want to support you and i’m curious on your own material. Keep up the good work Percussion Prinsess!

    I have a request thouth, please do something with Rush and specially Time Stand Still from Hold your fire album. Very good drums in that song.

    Greetings from Stockholm Sweden.


  64. well sina, your chi might is done but i don’t know if it is on sale worldwide. is only seen on youtube or can i purchase it for a price

  65. Hi there, Sina! Greetings from Donetsk… right at the middle of warfare. My name is Slav and I’m 25. “А part of sing and a bit of joke” that’s what keeps me appreciated. I also like some young and intersive fellows who can respect the past and not afraid to embrace the future. You do well on both of this ways and I really admire your skill. To say the least, I prefer some interesting instrumental music, which can create some pleasant space within. In my opinion, your album Chi Might contains a huge impact on those who can still sense a proper attitude in musical precedence. I’d like to thank all of the participants as well for make it possible. I’l be waiting for more albums from your team. Keep up the intensity and the rags would be conquered. My best regards to you and your devotion. Good luck!

  66. hi sina , i guess its just a no brainer for pop radio to play what ever is the flavour of the month , that the record industry is promoting . so i hear ya when you say ” stupid katy perry song ” i’ve always maintained that she doesn’t sing her crappy songs , she YELLS them ! shure she is cute with all her different looks , but i can’t stand to hear her , and i will change the station immediately . and you can bet that if they edited ” HER ” songs , the radio station would probably get complaints from her fans , but when they hack up a toto song , most of the young listeners won’t know the difference anyway . i know you are incredibly busy but have you considered sending an email to the radio people to ask them why they would edit a great song by great musicians ! excelllent tutorial on jeffs drumming !!! no need for you to practice paradiddles ! you have a great natural feel for timming and you make it look easy . peace out ….

  67. Once again Sharp dressed Man nails it I worked for them as well. But you also said TOO EASY. Well here is a challenging set for you to work out on. Are You ready for it…… Jethro Tull Thick as Brick. Doubt you get drum less version but im sure you’ll get a great workout and test your skills.

    Have Fun

  68. you are the best drummer, and i hope your videos tomorrow, best wishes percussion’s princess

  69. Hi sina , as you look forward , do you see your future in music as a session drummer or in a band , writing , performing and recording , or in music production , or something else .

  70. Sina I wanted to Donate to the cause. However my PayPal in German is, well, Verboten. :~) I hope I got that right… Is there a way to make that donation (ClassicRocks MusiciansNetwork) using American Paypal? I tried using your link but I am sure that there was an error, but couldn’t read what the problem was. Continue to be the best at who you are young lady. I am very entertained by these videos. I too was very disappointed that the one video had to be removed. If I may, would like to be able to see it privately if possible. Also I must say that your Who pick is very much what I was talking about in my post about the ZZ Top project. This was a great choice to show us your ever maturing talents.

  71. Hello Miss Sina!

    You really nailed it this week, i´m sure Keith Moon sitting with a beer somewhere and smiling.

    You go girl!

    Best whishes.

  72. Hi Sina, I’ve been enjoying your videos for over a year now and I can’t help noticing that you like Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers! I think they should consider sponsoring you for the “brand placement”! I sent an email to Converse Europe suggesting they check out your YouTube channel. I hope they recognize your value to them. Maybe some of your other fans will contact Converse too and help persuade them. The address that I have is
    Have fun and keep drumming!

  73. Hola sina,mi nombre es Pablo soy de Argentina,me interesaría saber que marca de batería usas y que tipo de parches,y que marca son los platillos que usas,me suscribirse a tu canal hace aproximadamente un mes,me gusta tu técnica para pegarle a la batería,es muy difícil tocar profecionalme o vivir de la música, toqué mucho tiempo en una banda reconocida en mi ciudad y la experiencia de tocar en público es realmente increíble,te dejo mis saludos y espero tu respuesta ya que quisiera comprarme la misma batería en la cual sales en YouTube,me refiero a la de color celeste,espero estar en contacto otra vez contigo,y te felicito por el talento y seguí practicando para seguir progresando

  74. Hi Sina , have you ever thinking to cover some early Quennsryche ? Scott Rockenfield is one of the best drummers i know ,very similar to Portnoy which i know you like . It’s not a request,simply i wish to know if you agree with me . However “Operation Mindcrime ” is a great album , i guess you have already listen it due to your taste … and if not , do it 🙂

  75. Hi Sina, I tried to make a donation today but since I’m from Canada I had a hard time filling in the info as I only know English. I guess the next step is buying your CD. 🙂 Go – Ice cream Man ! I’m always picking the underdog 🙂

  76. Hi Sina, my name is Andre and i’m from Canada. I discovered you just the other day as i was searching for music videos on U-Tube. I got hooked on you immediately. I always loved drums and i fell in love with your talent. I now have all of your drum covers in my music library and i watch all of them every day after work. I want to buy your CD and support you all the way. There is no doubt that you are the most talented and most beautiful drummer on Earth. Keep it up Sina

  77. Hi Sina.

    I´ve order a copy of Chi Might Feburari 27 and the order was completed March 1 and i still not receved it.
    I don´t know if you have plans to swim from Germany to Sweden and delivery it by your self but it´s not necessary i promise you =)

    Can you please look in to it?

    Best regards Magnus Stockholm.

    1. Hi Magnus, so sorry to hear that the package didn’t make it, it should have arrived weeks ago. Today I’m going to send you another copy. In case you should receive the other one meanwhile, just give it to someone else.

      And sorry for the late reply, I only saw your comment today!!!


  78. My two girls and I were just over at your YouTube channel checking out your latest upload and saw your subscriber count hit 100,000. I posted over there but I want to say it again – CONGRATULATIONS! Bet it doesn’t take long to reach 150,000.

  79. Wow Girl ! You are a force of nature, those rounded shells with stretched membranes are not enough to contain the tsunami churning in your soul… are a revolution trapped inside a bubble ready to explode ! Don’t STOP !

  80. you know that i don’t speak German but yesterday was the only exception. i hope you play the known song of guns n roses SWEET CHILD O MINE because you’re pretty princess

  81. I heard crazy train today on my car radio , and thought nice rocker for sina , partly because you could go Keith moon crazy on the fills and have a lot of fun with this one !

  82. Sina–I have just returned to drumming after many years—-just discovered your fantastic covers!!

    I am interested in your cymbal set up—as they sound great! Can you share? I’ve looked at Zildjian K’s but really love the sound of your choices!


  83. Hey there sina,
    I’ve just bought your amazing excellent album CHI MIGHT (very cleverly thought out tittle) 😉 I love all the covers,but man your original material is incredible. You’ve got it all goin on young lady,keep doin exactly what you’re doin ok. Never stop learning it’s a lifelong process. I’m 53 and been a music loon all my life. You are a VERY special talent,with a great style all of your own,thank god i found you before you got too huge. 🙂

    I comment as sperhead787 on youtube by the way. God knows why i chose that. Lool 🙂

  84. Amazing drums! I’d like to SEE you play some Ginger Baker’s (with Cream), like White Room or Sunshine of your Love. Baker’s rhythm was a novelty then, and is still considered one of the greatest! I just hope to see you performing live sometime. Saludos from Mexico!

  85. Easter Greetings to you Sina, your sister Milena, your father Michael, and your mother (sorry Mrs D., I don’t know your name!) from me, my husband Miguel, and our daughters Rosanna and Rebecca.

  86. Hi Miss Sina- One off your longtime adoring fans here. I have been watching you since last year. I just want to let you know that I very much appreciate your great cover songs of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I also do listen to your originals and they are as good as the covers you do. I am very impressed by a young lady with your talent keeping the great songs of the greatest 4 decades of Rock & Roll alive. I have lived them and believe me you have done every one of the songs you covered great justice. And Miss Sina, this last one ‘Living On A Prayer was to me simply amazing,awesome, fantastic and I could go on and on but I hope you know how much I liked it. Who ever put together the intro and ending with a great drum cover in between did a awesome job. Please keep doing your awesome drum playing of the covers of the greatest Rock And Roll decades in history. Thanks Again.

  87. Greeting from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    I just ran across your videos and must say “Well Done”. I’ve enjoyed watching about 4 of them thus far and looking forward to viewing them all. Keep up the thing you love most!

  88. Saludos desde España.

    Es un verdadero placer escucharte y verte: tienes un gran talento y una gran sensibilidad para la música.

    Adelante !!!!

    Un abrazo fuerte.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Greetings from Spain.

    It’s a real pleasure to listen to you and see you: you have a great talent and a great sensitivity for music.

    Ahead !!!!

    A strong hug.

  89. Just seen nothing else matters on Youtube.
    Just amazing .
    Loved it so much.
    Have ordered Album.
    Keep bashing those skins.

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