Lauren Isenberg

Lauren Isenberg
Lauren Isenberg

A gentleman called Bobby Nevins contacted me a while ago. He is the admin of the Best Girl Singers and Musicians Facebook page. Since then he featured some of my drum covers and originals and we keep checking his Facebook page and look out for talents.

That’s where we found Lauren, via his page Best Girl Singers and Musicians, and it was her cover of Jealous (Labrinth) that got us hooked.

Some background information

Lauren was obviously the perfect match for a smooth song in a Bossa Nova feel that my dad had written some time ago. We contacted her, explained the concept of the Chi Might Project and suggested this song and we felt blessed when she agreed to go for it!

We sent a percussion/guitar/drums/bass version to Rick Benbow who added all those super cool Jazzy keyboard parts, including a flutes arrangement.
That’s the version that we sent to Lauren, including the lyrics and the basic melody. Lauren worked out her vocal part together with her vocal coach Marla Joy Music. My dad’s initial melody was plain and basic, but Lauren added all those little embellishments, bluesy lines and amazing little vocal tricks that leave everybody stunned.
This was our first collaboration with Lauren. If you know my channel, you know that this was not the last one, and if we are lucky, there might be more to come?


This is Lauren’s official bio, written by her mum:

Lauren  Isenberg  (May 7, 2002) is Canadian and has been singing since she could speak.  At 10 years old, after performing in a few school musicals she began vocal lessons both privately and then in groups. Since then, she has been involved in musicals, performed at local restaurants, concert venues, and recording studios.  Lauren also plays the piano and guitar.  Lauren’s great passion is singing pop, jazz, and blues.

For more information check out Lauren’s YouTube channel, and you don’t wanna miss her Instagram: