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January 2nd 2019

There have been many requests of people who wanted Milena to sing and take the Lead Vocals. Now here you go, but please consider that Milena is not a vocalist and she doesn’t intend to be one. We did not quite know what to do with this tune and we still don’t know. So we launch it first exclusively for our supporters. We might make it public one day, but it might as well keep hidden for all times.

These are some background notes: My dad wrote the music about 6 years ago for an Album of traditional German poems put to music. The Poem was ‘Am Strande’ by Rainer Maria Rilke. Vocalist was Adam Lovac (you might have heard him sing on Chi Might 1 ’Shipwrecked’). The trumpet was played by Peter Kalff, drummer of The Silver Beatles, when my dad was still in the band. Apart from the trumpet, my dad played all instruments, including the drums (!) No need to be impressed though, the drum part was really simple 🙂

Obviously, no-one will ever buy an album of German poems put into music, so literally no-one ever heard this song. But we like it and so we thought about recording an alternative version with full drums and we asked Milena if she wanted to be involved. She didn’t, but she did it anyway because most times we can talk her into all kind of jobs. And whatever she does, she always does brilliant!

So we replaced the German poem with new English lyrics that my dad made up rather quickly. It was done one week before Milena left us for Costa Rica, so it became a farewell song. It’s not quite logical that she sings a farewell song to herself but that’s artistic freedom!

December 22nd 2018

Thanks a lot for all your lovely feedback on our little Christmas Collaboration. This is a free download of the song (FLAC or MP3)

December 18th 2018

Over here we turn slightly mad working on our Christmas collaboration. 14 collaborators, hundreds of Audio and Video files to deal with.

It’s not hard work though.

Actually a lot of fun 🙂

December 8th 2018

We’re experiencing technical difficulties – please stand by!

December 2nd 2018

Now for something completely different!! I was asked to have an appearance as a special guest with ‘Royal Squeezebox’ last Friday night. I mentioned that on my Facebook page the other day. Those 2 guys pay Tribute to Queen and Freddy Mercury – with an Accordion instead of a band. Very interesting and a nice experience for me. I joined them for a couple of tunes and this is how it sounded. My mum recorded some footage on her iPhone, please don’t take this too serious 🙂

November 28th 2018

If you watch the Official Nursery Rhymes Trailer you might get the impression that we talk to each other but in fact we recorded our parts individually as we did not have a chance to meet that week. So our dad had to do some additional editing. Now just for a bit of fun, this is how the unedited version looks like… please do not share!!

November 22nd 2018

This is my video preview for this week. The video will go live tomorrow afternoon (5 pm Paris Time). If you are up for it, you can take a look right now 🙂

November 14th 2018

Here is some Behind-The-Scenes, filmed during our trip to London which took place about one year ago. You might recognise some familiar faces…

Gentlemen, officially, I’m not allowed to upload this footage but I might get away with sharing it exclusively with my supporters. That’s kind of private, isn’t it? So please do not share this video, in particular not on any Social Media page or in any Facebook group!!

Thanks for your support, speak soon 🙂

November 5th 2018

Today, I recorded some 8 minutes of The Who for Thursday (Friday for the public Launch). But the AEROSMITH Preview I would like to share with you guys right now, was recorded last Wednesday. Just like ‘Child In Time’, this is supposed to be used for a Collaboration (that means, all instruments including the vocals will be recorded from scratch). I did not even ask them, but it’s a safe bet to assume that Rick Benbow and Andrei Cerbu will be on board. Not sure yet about the bass player. We also have a singer in mind but we need to see how it all works out. So depending on the collaborators, this might launch towards the end of this year, or in January 2019.

When I read the comments on YouTube, most people seem to think that my Friday-Uploads were recorded very recently, but as far as my parts are concerned, recordings usually took place weeks, months or even years before the launch. Only very few people appreciate the amount of work that goes in these kind of collaborations. It would be a lot easier for me to limit myself on drum covers only. They are a lot easier to produce and they often receive more views and better reviews.

Of course I will keep doing drum covers (e.g. this week), but on the long term, drum covers are a one-way-street. The support of you guys allows me to keep working with up and coming artists and help them to get some exposure too. This little Preview is another exclusive Insight for you. Please do not share 🙂

November 1st 2018

Thursdays are the new Fridays!! Hey there, as per today I will try to share my Friday Covers with my Patrons and Channel Members one day earlier, every Thursday, before they go public on Fridays at the usual time.

Let’s start with some more Queen. I’m such a fan of Roger Taylor. His drumming is so tasty. No high speed stuff, just pure taste. I hope you will enjoy too 🙂

So thanks again for your support, big thanks to all my new Channel Members and new Patrons, I’m so excited to see you here. THANKS SO MUCH!!

October 29th 2018

An hour ago, I prepared some QUEEN for Friday. The video will go online on Friday, all my Patrons and Channel Members will get access one day earlier at the usual time (5 pm Paris Time, 4 pm London, 11 am New York). I love those subtle bits within those early Queen tracks. It’s essential for me to get those details right 🙂

This also shows some typical workflow. Although we finished drum recordings for ‘Child In Time’ last Friday (around the time when my ‘Talking-about-Sina-Drums’ clip went live), we won’t release before the end of November (if we are lucky). Let my give you some insights:

On Saturday, we met a new bass player, she came to our place and recorded the bass part for ‘Child In Time’. Tomorrow, I will try to do a rough mix of the drums and bass, that will be sent to Rick Benbow. Depending on his schedules with all his Live Shows he has to play, he will return his Hammond part within one or two weeks. So drums + bass + organ will be sent to Andrei in about 2 – 3 weeks and in order to be fair, he should have another week or two to play his Blackmore parts (not quite as easy as it seems).

Meanwhile, we try to figure out who could do the vocals. We made a list of 3 top vocalists who could do the job and we are going to suggest this song to one after the other. If the first singer on the list turns down the song, we will contact the second one etc. No, we won’t reveal our priority order 🙂 This really depends on the song!! So this is a little snippet (drums only), please stay tuned!!

October 26th 2018

Today I recorded the drum part for a brand new collaboration. Deep Purple is the Band, Child In Time is the track. The vocalist? Not 100% decided but we have 2 brilliant singers to choose from! This is a bit of a ‘still-not-quite-warm-enough-to-play-like-Ian-Paice’ take. Don’t shout at me please, I did better in the next take 🙂

October 25th 2018

For tomorrow we prepared quite a promising collaboration – at least I think so. It’s going to be ‘Scarborough Fair’, featuring Jadyn Rylee, Charlotte Zone and myself. I’m slightly nervous because I shared vocals with Jadyn on the traditional Scarborough Fair parts, while Charlotte does the ‘Canticle’ bits all by herself. And I did some subtle drumming too. Yes, it’s Rick & Mike on keyboards and guitar, so that’s the basic ‘YourSoundTube’ Team, the same team that did Jadyn’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and ‘Sound Of Silence’. So far our most successful collaborations. So I’m really looking forward to this!!

It might be a bit surprising to launch the track on Jadyn’s channel only, but it’s more likely to take off on her channel than mine. At the end of the day, she’s a singer, I’m a drummer 🙂

October 14th 2018

I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the official launch day for the physical Chi Might CD – after months of recording! The last couple of weeks have been so busy. Now we have some more time to look into all the projects we kept postponing. From now on I’ll be posting more over here.

This is a free download of the Digital Album, including the CD brochure

September 5th 2018

Tomorrow, the German ‘50th anniversary of 1968‘ TV Show, hosted by Thomas Gottschalk, will be recorded. Yesterday, I watched the rehearsal of Melanie (Ruby Tuesday) and Wolfgang Niedecken of BAP. Today, it was our turn for a little rehearsal. In fact, this was the first time ever for me to play with the band!

When I was scrolling through this blog I realised that it would be nice to have some footage, so we found this on my dad’s phone and decided to share with you guys, please do not share this video, this footage might not be exactly legal. Who knows…

August 27th 2018

This is a special edit of the first Jazz piece, showing basically the drum footage. You will find the official edit on my public YouTube page 🙂

August 23rd 2018

Some interesting stuff coming up! You might have seen that I got a new Kirchhoff set. Being a big Ringo fan I always loved how cool his kit looked, so I had to have that kind of finish sooner or later – so now the time was right. It will take some time to experiment with sounds and recording but the plan is to keep the red kit for hard hitting stuff and see if we can use the new kit for other stuff, for a ‘lighter’ approach. We will see!

Some weeks ago I posted my exams video, introducing 2 of my teachers at DI, Ernie and Bolle. 10 days ago I invited both into our little studio and we recorded 3 songs. I’m going to launch the first one on September 7th, there will be a preview on my facebook page today.

BTW, my facebook page is

I have a private Facebook page too, but I don’t use it, there’s no fresh content, so in case you find that one, please forget about it 🙂

Some more news. Almost a year ago I was invited to appear in a program about drumming for Sky Arts Channel. Meanwhile, I had completely forgotten about this but now the series will be released. ‘The Art Of Drumming’. The first episode will be on air on September 14th in the UK. I will be in the 3rd episode (only for some 2 minutes or so) but it will be exciting (I think). I’m going to do an official post on my Facebook page tomorrow. You can pre-watch the official trailer here, but please don’t post it on my page yet, the impact will be higher if I do an official post myself.

More news…. it looks like I might be part of the backing band for quite a famous 60s artist for an appearance on German television. I will keep you posted, I’m not allowed to reveal any details at this time 🙂

Now that’s it for the moment, thanks for your attention!

August 20th

Photo Shooting for EVANS in my little basement studio 🙂


July 22nd 2018

Thanks everyone for all your good wishes for my diploma exams, so lovely!! I would like to give you some insights about this final day at Drummers Institute:

There had been exams all through the past 2 weeks in all disciplines including a written test about arrangements, music theory etc. One of the practical tests was playing the song ‘Rosanna’ by Toto. That one went pretty well for me 🙂 Anyway, on that last day I had to play 2 songs with a trio, together with a bass player and a piano player, you see them in the video. Before that, I had to play on my own and I prepared a 7 minute medley of ‘Chi Might’ that I performed along to a playback. That also worked out pretty well. Btw, the song you hear in the video was written by the piano player and I might ask the 2 guys to visit me in my basement and record some Jazzy stuff for a bit of a change. I might launch a longer excerpt later today on Facebook (I don’t know yet if I get permission), but this short clip is exclusively for my Patrons, please do not share! (The guys sitting in a row at the windows are the auditors). Finally, this is a free post of course, no charge for that 🙂

June 13th 2018

I can’t believe it’s June already! I apologise for posting so rarely but now I have a little exclusive clip for you. This was filmed the other day when I had a little gig with my Big Band. It’s an amateur Big Band, so I prefer to not make those kind of gigs public. I’m in it because I can learn a lot and because it’s so different to my usual styles. The footage was filmed by my mum on her iPhone. I think it’s kind of funny that girls always film vertical with their phones. It’s so … weird, your TV set isn’t vertical, is it? Halfway through, when you see me smile, my dad suggested to my mum to flip the phone horizontal, so for the rest of the video the video fills your screen. Unless you have a vertical screen… For next Friday I will go for Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’. Might be interesting… 🙂

March 31st 2018

Meanwhile, track No. 3 was released and Chi Might II gets a bit of a character. For the next couple of months, we will try to launch one original song every 2 weeks, taking turns with regular drum covers and cover collaborations. I can promise some more different genres, like Blues, Country Rock, Jazz… There was a bit of a mystery about the singer of our second release (Evening Star) and my dad uploaded a little video revealing the secret. This is exclusive content for my supporters, if you are interested, take a look 🙂

February 18th 2018

Finally I got around posting a little update! Last Friday we launched the first album track for Chi Might II and from now on we are going to launch 1 or 2 tracks per month until autumn, ending up with the full album launch. New original album songs will take turns with well know covers, both ‘original covers’ recorded from scratch and drum covers. Please stay tuned!!

January 16th 2018

Ok, meanwhile I missed wishing everyone merry Christmas and a happy new year. Stupid me!! I feel guilty not posting more often over here!!! So there is no need to mention my new Band…. although I want to take the opportunity to mention again that this new Band ‘The Gäs’ is not connected with my other projects, in particular not with my YouTube Channel, so I will keep posting new videos every Friday. In 2016 I concentrated on Original music and I launched Chi Might I. In 2017 I concentrated on building my Channel, playing more drum covers. In 2018 my priority will be Original music again (mixed with some tasty covers)

So my main project for this year is going to be Chi Might II. The concept will be similar to Chi Might I: One different singer for every song plus some young, talented instrumentalists plus our keyboardist and arranger Rick Benbow. Everything will be produced and kept together by my dad. Unlike a regular Album we are going to release Chi Might II song by song, all throughout the year, starting in February. Only after all songs are launched on YouTube, the Album will be available on a CD. Currently, we are working on the opening song. Who will be the singer? Most likely it’s going to be Victoria K and she will also be involved in the songwriting process. Who else? You guessed it – Andrei Cerbu will be on board for some guitars. This should be interesting, so please stay with us!!

December 3rd 2017

What an adventure this was! As soon as I started my drum channel, the first requests for In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida came in. I had never heard about the track, not even my dad was familiar with it, so we basically ignored the requests. But the requests did not stop… When my channel got some more exposure the amount of In-A-Gadda requests rose linear to new subscribers. But how could we possibly do this?

To cut a long story short – Rick is a true master on the organ and he is an expert in re-creating vintage Rock organ sounds, so it became clear that he would have to do it one day. Guitar and bass would not be much of a problem, in particular when we started working with Andrei. The missing link were the vocals (that’s also true for many other requests, e.g. Guns’n’Roses, impossible to re-create Axl Rose!)

Anyway, some months ago I met Christian who is actually a drummer, I met him at the Drummer’s Institute (we are colleagues). It comes in handy that he is a bass player, too. So some weeks ago, I started recording the drums. Rick returned his organ part the very next day (though he said it was challenging and it took him longer than expected). Then I invited Christian to my place, where he recorded both the bass and the vocal parts. Andrei wasn’t sure if we wanted to fool him, he thought this song was completely mad. But he learned to love it whilst recording it and the video suggests that he enjoyed himself 🙂

Grab your free download here

November 19th 2017

Oh Dear, another 2 months have passed and I did not post anything for my inner circle, sorry!!!! Time flies and it’s hard to keep up really! So what has happened? I have been in a professional studio to record an album with my new original band which I joined a couple of months ago. I do not have a clue if my YouTube followers will appreciate that band and that album. Considering the amount of dislikes every video gets that leaves the mainstream road of ‘Very well known Classic Rock Song Cover’… Anyway, will be interesting to see. The music is Original, slightly AC/DCish, I will share as soon as I have the official mixes and the official video is completed. Other than that it was a great experience to film with a professional English TV team for a documentary about the art of drumming. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to tell any details at this point but it’s supposed to be broadcasted in the summer of 2018 in England and hopefully in other countries too. I will let you know first if I get any updates but it’s quite promising (I performed a drum-cover of ‘Pinball Wizard’).

Finally, this is some footage of the the first gig with my new Big Band. The quality is poor, the venue is incredibly small, it’s ‘The Jazz Cellar’ in Krefeld, nice but sooo tiny. Anyway, this is just to give you guys a short impression…

September 21th 2017

Hey everyone! This week will be a little different for me. First of all, it’s Thursday, not Friday. Second, this is not a video but a free download link for the Cover Album ‘YourSongBook’, featuring some of my 2017 collaborations. The official release day will be Friday 22nd (though it might last some more days before the album goes online on iTunes). Anyway, my patrons should have the full release, including a Digital Booklet before anybody else will have it – I hope you enjoy!

In order to download you will need a link

and a password:


Let me give you a short outlook: After doing quite a few cover collaborations throughout the last couple of months, I’m keen on playing more original music again. I have recently joined a Band in Cologne and we have booked a studio for one week towards the end of October. It’s pretty exciting because those are going to be the first studio recordings I will do without my dad involved as my recording engineer – it will be interesting to compare the results…

Other than that I’ll be working on original music with Victoria, Andrei, Rick, my dad and some more people (hopefully!)

That’s it for now & thanks again, this release would not have happened without your support!!

September 10th 2017

My apologies for my updates getting slower and slower but I’m soooo busy! Last week I started my one-year-training-program at the Drummers Institute in Krefeld, Germany (formerly in Duesseldorf) and I really enjoyed that first week. There is so much I can learn and I’m grateful about the opportunity. The fees are quite high and it would be impossible for me to do it without all my supporters buying my products and helping me on Patreon. It will be difficult to keep launching one video per week because I work crazy hours but I will try to keep going with a little help of my friends (and dad…) It was really frustrating to see that this week’s cover was blocked on YouTube, but I want to share the video at least with my Inner Circle, so this is the link to download my latest blocked cover (Creep by Radiohead)

Password: dhs7s64gZ8dejDsGF84Dk

July 12th 2017

Finally another update! I suppose most people who check out this page are aware of my YouTube videos and collaborations, so there’s not a lot to say about those. However, we are thinking about launching a digital album with original covers which we did throughout the last year this autumn. After that launch, it’s time to work on new originals again.

However, there are some more news. Meanwhile, I was approached by 2 major cymbal manufacturers and I signed an endorsement agreement with one of them which will be officially announced on September 1st. In that same week I am going to join the so called ‘Drummer’s Institute’. It used to be in Duesseldorf, but recently they moved to Krefeld, which is close to my home village, so I can keep studying Computer Science, recording music and on top of that study drums. It’s going to be a busy year but it’s better than wasting all those days 🙂 Next week I’ll be off for a 7 days Jazz Workshop. I’m slightly scared but it should be fun anyway.

That’s it for the moment!

May, 5th 2017

Sorry guys for not posting any updates for a month. Currently so many things are happening at the same time that it’s hard to handle it all at once. While my YouTube channel keeps growing fast our little side project ‘’ is gaining some interest as well. For those of you who are interested, this is a little insight about how a typical collaboration works. includes my dad, his English friend, arranger and keyboardist Rick Benbow and myself. We look out for young talents and help them growing their audience. Jadyn Rylee is the youngest singer we work with. It usually goes like this: We think of a song that might fit well for the singer in question. After we were hugely successful with our Metallica arrangement for Jadyn, we had to find another ‘big song’ for her. Rick and my dad agreed on Sound Of Silence. It should have elements of the original Simon and Garfunkel version, so Rick played the original guitar part on piano,  to make it sound different. He added a key change after verse 2 to make use of Jadyn’s full range. Then he added instruments and built the arrangement until the drums come in for verse 3. From that point my dad and I took over and we recorded drums, bass and electric guitars for the last verses. We sent this back to Rick who added all the other orchestral parts. The finished backing track was sent to Jadyn who learned the arrangement and recorded her vocal performance (audio & video). She sent us her isolated vocals which we added to the arrangement. My dad did the final mix and the 2 video edits for her channel and mine. That was it 🙂

April, 7th 2017

Time for a little update. This is a free download for the latest original instrumental I posted. I’m still looking for a permanent singer to actually start a band but everything needs to be right so it might take some more time…

March, 23rd 2017

For some reason it’s always the most requested track out of my poll that gets blocked by YouTube. Yesterday I recorded Come Together by The Beatles and I was really happy with the drumless track I found! It might be a bit too good, so it’s blocked world wide, just like my Fleetwood Mac Cover some weeks ago. But at least I want to share it with my supporters.

The Beatles, Come Together (drum cover by Sina)

Please note: Unlike YouTube, that embedded video player won’t detect the connection speed and adopt the video quality. That means, when you are on a slow connection you need to give the video some time to load. Best option: Press ‘Play’, then ‘pause’ the video until it has loaded.

I think I have to do more originals in the future and also more ‘original covers’, that means songs recorded from scratch, inviting various singers. The downside: That process of recording songs from scratch is really time consuming, I would not be able to do it without your support!

Due to that copyright issue I will share an original song. Actually, a track that’s also included on the Chi Might album but this will be an alternative version. Hope you don’t mind! When I uploaded that very song about a year ago nothing happened at all. It will be interesting to see if there will be more views for the new upload.

February, 10th 2017

As you may have read, I was not allowed to post my drum cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go Your Own Way’, due to a copyright claim. So I decided to share the video at least with all my supporters.

Check it out, if you like 🙂 Fleetwood Mac, Go Your Own Way (drum cover by Sina)

February, 1st 2017

I’ve been a little silent lately and it’s kind of hard to keep the videos coming as my dad is still touring – currently playing 10 Shows in 11 days – so if he is at home for 2 days or 3, we need to pre-produce as many covers and tutorials as possible before he is off again. That’s the reason why the sponsors’ list at he end of every video might appear a little outdated. Some of the latest videos were produced already a couple of weeks ago. My apologies in case that caused any confusion! So this is the plan for the next couple of weeks: There are going to be some more easy covers like Foreigner, Eric Clapton and Fleetwood Mac. After that my dad will have some more time and we are going to

1) exchange my drum kit and
2) going to record some original stuff again (mainly instrumentals).

We are also working on some cover collaborations recorded from scratch (similar to the one with Avonlea), introducing some new singers. Below, I pasted the 4 latest video tutorials, just in case you missed them on YouTube 🙂

January, 4th 2017

My first tutorial video launched yesterday. Some people seem to watch it and it there are some nice comments as well 🙂 The next videos are going to be less long and less complicated. For next Tuesday we scheduled ‘Jump’ by Van Halen, followed by ‘Smoke On The Water’. You think that’s an easy one? Not quite…

December, 21st 2016


Hey everyone! This is the first video of my new official drum tutorial series. Unless you guys will find any bad mistakes or send horrible comments, this video will go online on January 3rd, followed by a new video on every Tuesday.

Looking forward to hearing your comments 🙂

December, 6th 2016

This time it took even longer to get the new tutorial done, sorry for that, but here we go 🙂

November, 26th 2016

I am often asked about my drum gear, specs & stuff and the truth is: I don’t know and I do not really care (I know I should…) My dad put together all my stuff throughout the last 6 years, so it’s his turn to explain what he did and why he did it. Please do not share this video, it’s meant to be an exclusive inside look 🙂

November, 23rd 2016

There have been many requests for me to do a little Gear Check video, to learn more not only about my  drum kit but also about the microphones & stuff. My dad has done a gear video now, he’s currently editing, I am going to share it here very soon. We have been working with Kirchhoff Schlagwerk, the drum manufacturer for a year now and it looks like we are going to intensify our collaboration. Most likely, I am going to put the drum kit I used on eBay and I am going to get another kit for my new tutorial series launching in January. The other day, the official Kirchhoff Facebook page shared one of my videos, maybe you wanna have a look and check out some of the designs.

Which one is your favorite?

November, 20th 2016

Good Evening Andrew, good Night California, good Morning all the rest of you 🙂 Amazing, isn’t it? Never would have dreamt that lovely people from all around the world support me only to see me drumming. This is the next tutorial (finally…) I was slightly silly when I did it, my dad was slightly silly when he did the edit, so, well, here we go 🙂

November, 16th 2016

Sorry guys for another delay, I didn’t have a chance to shoot the tutorial video last week. But the next tutorial should be pretty much on time (this Saturday). It will be about ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ then. But now back to some ‘Big Hair Rock’ 🙂

November, 7th 2016

Hey, good morning / good evening! Sorry for being late with this tutorial, the next one is going to be even later because my dad will be off for most of the week, so we won’t have a chance to record any tutorial. I hope that we manage to provide my ‘Friday Cover’. What else? Thanks so much for your ongoing support, your lovely comments and your encouragement!!!

October, 30th 2016

And another tutorial! As I already tried to explain in my latest Patreon Post, I think about improving the tutorials I did so far and launching them as a new official ‘Sina-Tutorials’ series on my YouTube channel, starting next year. Please feel free to let me know what I need to improve!

October, 23rd 2016

It’s Sunday again, hopefully I will get the next tutorial online by Friday but I was so busy this week! I am really amazed that my audience at YouTube is growing so fast but it’s getting more and more difficult to answer all comments, messages and eMails. Anyway, this is the new tutorial, I hope you like it!

October, 16th 2016

Sorry for the delay! This was supposed to be launched on Friday, along with the video it refers to. But it took some crazy hours to produce and edit, so now it’s Sunday, well… Anyway! Please check out if this one is any better than the first tutorial. Are the examples played too fast? Too slow? Looking forward to reading your comments!

October, 12th 2016

Just a little update! It’s so nice to see that there are already more than 700 votes for my current ‘what to cover next’ poll.

Those have been the winning songs of the previous poll, so those are the songs I am going to do next, and a rough schedule:

– Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits) (MAYBE IN 2 WEEKS?)
– Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen) (DONE!)
– Here I Go Again (Whitesnake) (DONE!)
– Alive (Pearl Jam) (TOMORROW!)
– Kickstart My Heart (Mötley Crüe) (IN 3 WEEKS?)
– Listen To The Music (Doobie Brothers) (IN 2 WEEKS?)
– Basket Case (Green Day) (NEXT WEEK?)

I will try to record ‘Alive’ tomorrow (for release on Friday) and also the tutorial if I have a chance (otherwise the tutorial should be available on Saturday).

Other than that, I have been recording another original song today and I am working on some more collaborations with some other singers, guitar, and bass players: Some more AC/DC, Some DIO and Disturbed. Did I mention that I started to study Computer Science this week?

Finally, a special ‘welcome’ and ‘thanks’ to everyone who joined me on Patreon last week. Please feel free to comment on what I can improve. One issue that was addressed last week is the poor sound quality on the talking bits. I will get myself a decent clip microphone for talking, but it might take a couple of weeks…

October, 8th 2016

As announced yesterday night via kickstarter mailout this is the first ‘making-of’ video exclusively for my supporters on Kickstarter and Patreon. Please give me your feedback how to improve the next ‘making of’ clips for the next covers. THANKS!!!

This is the ‘standard’ drum cover in case you missed it!

September, 26th 2016

During the year it took to record the album not much happened on my YouTube channel. It became pretty obvious that cover songs get a lot of views whereas no one is interested in original songs, unless they are hyped by TV, Radio or Tabloids. You guys are the exceptions to the rule and I can’t thank you enough for that! Anyway, after the album release we thought it might be a good idea to get back on YouTube with some quick & easy covers. A guitar player – which I am going to introduce pretty soon – asked me for a collaboration on “Whole Lotta Rosie” by AC/DC. I did recorded the drums quickly but it took a while for him to deliver his guitar part, so I released a “drums-only” version in order to bridge the time. I was shocked how popular the video became on YouTube though there’s literally nothing in it. So I did some more quick covers, e.g. Smoke On The Water or Hotel California. I still can’t believe how popular those videos became within hours. 10,000 views on the first weekend for Hotel California. Yesterday my YouTube channel had an all-time-high of 70,000 views. Pretty overwhelming on one hand, slightly frustrating on the other hand, considering that it takes weeks of hard work to collaborate on an original song (without getting noticed at all) but a video done in 5 minutes during a TV commercial goes through the roof on YouTube. But if you can’t change a situation you need to cope with it, I guess.

So that’s what I will do throughout the next couples of weeks. I am going to upload some simple drum covers of well known songs and I will try to build my YouTube channel and find myself some audience. But if I do that I wanna do it right. We researched the best available tracks to play along to, we will try out different camera angles so we can actually show the hihats if they are important or the kick or whatever. I also consider signing up for patreon in order to cover our expenses for new cameras, etc, not sure yet. But in any case I want to get more social, I’m going to have some polls and some audience participation. But I’m still going to continue working on original songs. I am actually doing some drum parts right now for an original album of a crazily skilled British singer, guitar virtuoso and songwriter. Stay tuned, this is going to be exciting and bear with me if you are bored by all those covers coming up until the end of the year!

September, 2nd 2016

Not much to talk about during this summer! I am glad that I could send out all kickstarter rewards and that they all came through (at least as far as I know). I was a bit scared of the Customs but it all worked out fine.

I was aware that my YouTube channel would not grow much whilst recording an original album. People on YouTube are looking for familiar stuff, not for unknown songs by unknown people (you guys are an awesome exception to the rule!) However, I started uploading some new drum covers and people seem to enjoy them. In a little poll, I asked some of you if you would prefer to hear new original songs or to see new covers. Most of you said ‘new original songs’, some asked for new covers, so i will try to do both. I found some great drumless tracks which I am going to use for new covers and I am working on some new original songs with various different musicians. Today, I am going to share a new original song, written by Mark Tabeling. This is going to be pretty different!

Enjoy the rest of your summer (or your winter, if you live down under…)

July, 10th 2016

Last week we started shipping most Audio CDs and I hope that they all will arrive in time without causing any issues with customs. If you experience any problems with any broken jewel cases, missing Autograph cards etc please let me know, so I can send some spare asap!!

Please note: If you ordered an Audio CD PLUS a USB drive there is a delay of 10 days because we are still waiting for the final video to be completed by Avonlea (Track No 2). We haven’t seen the video yet but we hope it will be amazing, it’s announced for Monday 11th.

For everyone who is interested in Downloads: A big thanks to Michael Elmar who suggested to provide files in a better resolution. He took our WAV files and he converted them into FLAC files (same resolution but a smaller file size.) and he also added tags to all files.

This means that you have 3 options to download your digital album:

1) MP3, 320 KB, smallest files sizes

2) FLAC, 24 Bit, 48 Khz, bigger files sizes

3) WAV, 24 Bit, 48 Khz, uncompressed, biggest files sizes

Thanks again to Elmar!

UPDATE – This is the free Download Link to my Original Covers

June, 21st 2016

The Chi Might album is gone online on Loudr today !!

It will be online on iTunes, Spotify etc. within the next couple of days and the physical CD is being manufactured right now. As soon as the album is live in all stores we will start promoting it using my standard channels. We will start shipping the physical products as soon we have them – possibly in the first week of July – please bear with us if you live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!!

In the meantime, for all backers, this is the link for your free download of the album, including 320 bit MP3s and the 16 pages booklet

Another exciting update: One of the collaborators, an incredibly talented young lady (check out track 2 of the album!) will appear tonight on “America’s Got Talent”. Interesting? Yes!

June, 17th 2016

Today we released track 13 of 15. Track 14 is going to be one of the definite album highlights for me. Any Americans out there? The girl featured on the next track is going to appear on America’s Got Talent, most likely next Tuesday. Really interesting. She is going to take care of the video for our collaboration (so that’s gonna be a video without drum footage!) Track 15 is going to be Hiatus by Briony. Thanks to everybody who had a listen and left a comment. Hiatus is the winner! If you like any of Briony’s other songs you can listen for free on my website. The audio and artwork files will go the the CD factory on Monday and production will take place within the next 10 days. So exciting!! Thanks again for your support and bearing with me!

June, 4th 2016

Hey, just some updates! Have been busy recording some Glockenspiel stuff 🙂 Next week we are going to start working on the booklet. It’s going to be 16 pages, including all lyrics. We should have all audio masters by the end of next week. Next YouTube release (most likely) is going to be the Piano/Drums Duet with Mark Moody (he works with some true audio professionals who did all the mixing and mastering of that particular track).

Currently it looks like “Song for Scott” (demo posted below) is not going to make it on the album as we are struggling to get the vocals done in time. In that case the song will be released later and everyone is going to get a free download anyway, so hopefully you don’t mind.

However, there are 3 options for an alternative track. 2 years ago I recorded an original album with Briony, a lovely English songwriter about my age. There are 3 songs that I like a lot. I would appreciate any comments that help me to pick the right song. These are the options:


Woodstock Dreamer


Any thoughts?

May, 21th, 2016

Just a short notice – meanwhile this blog was detected by engines sending out spam, so we had to install some anti-spam plugin. In case you leave a comment and it doesn’t come through immediately, it might be on hold – some trial & error might occur…

This is another pre-view. This song is slightly weird but there are a couple of really nice songs on the album and we think we need to include some stuff beyond the mainstream to make sure this project doesn’t get too sweet?

May, 14th, 2016

Gonna release a new cover collaboration on Facebook tomorrow. Time for some Beatles. Something nice and easy to recover from the recordings with Mark Moody (piano maniac)

May, 7th, 2016

Meanwhile you know most of the collaborators. Today I posted a short clip of Guitarist John Ainsworth on my Facebook. My dad saw him busking in Manchester’s pedestrian zone last summer and invited him immediately. It took almost a year until John sent over a song for the album. Some weird stuff… Talking about weird stuff. Right now I’m working on the most challenging music of the album. Mark Moody is a Piano Virtuoso and he wrote a piece for the album with many different odd timings involved: 5/8 taking turns with 11/8,  7/8 and that kind of stuff. Really enjoy working out my parts. In the end it won’t sound nothing like this but if you fancy, you can listen to yesterday’s session. (Only camera audio, drums only)

May, 1st, 2016

Ok, some of you asked me to use a foot cam for new videos and we will do that for new drum covers (not for collaborations). And someone asked to see my invisible dad. Difficult but not impossible! Though it’s not likely that you will ever see much more of him than in this little preview. We already posted a rough version on Facebook, this is the current version. We are still looking for a vocalist but there is going to be a decision by the end of the next week. Something cool about the song (we hope…)

April, 29th, 2016


  • update 1 – I didn’t realise that the comments were held for moderation. This WORDPRESS blog stuff is pretty new to me. From now on Comments should appear immediately – btw, I was pretty much blown away by your response within the first couple of hours, thanks a lot for taking the time!!!!

Welcome to our inner circle!

Hey! Thanks so much for checking out this page. You were invited to our inner circle because you supported our launch on kickstarter. A BIG THANKS AGAIN!!!

I am going to post news and updates on this page before posting them on YouTube or Facebook. Feel free to comment below, whatever you have on your mind!

Why do I say ‘our inner circle’? You might have guessed it – I can’t do everything on my own. My dad brought me into music. Not only is he a musician but he has also worked as a video artist for different bands and shows and he has also produced many CDs of different genres. Those skills regarding audio & video production came in handy for me, so we were running my YouTube channel together from day one. Meanwhile, my skills regarding production have improved but my dad is still pretty much involved in everything I do – YouTube covers, recording original songs, recording service for other artists.

In the next 5 weeks we will be busy recording the final album tracks and I would like to show you around, so come with me if you like!

There are also 2 new full-song-covers coming up, an instrumental by Joe Satriani and a Beatles tune. Both collaborations to be released very soon!

That’s it for today, have a great weekend!