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Please note: Sina’s Nursery Rhyme Album is only available for Download. She was not involved in the recordings for the Physical CD that is offered here.

The Nursery Rhyme Collection 4‘ contains relaxing lullabies and chillout songs. This is the Original Audio CD, the 4th Collection of Nursery Rhymes (Double CD Album), launched in 2014 by Ian Watts & Mike Wilbury, featuring 33 musicians from the UK (including Rick Benbow, Mat Williams and many more).

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All the Pretty Little Horses (Hush-A-Bye)
Hush, Little Baby
The Sun Is Down
Rock the Cradle
Nature’s Goodnight
Dance a Baby Diddy
Bye, Baby Bunting
Silent Night
Golden Slumbers
All the World Is Sleeping (Suo Gân, Yr Hun Gân, Welsh Lullaby)
Golden Cradle (Irish Lullaby)
Oh, Hush Thee, My Baby (Scotch Lullaby)
Sleepytime (Has Come for My Baby)
Gaelic Cradle Song (Hush, the Waves Are Rolling In)
Lullaby, Oh, Lullaby, Flowers Are Closed and Lambs Are Sleeping
The Man in the Moon (Looked Out of the Moon)
Sleep Baby Sleep (Our Cottage Vale Is Deep)
All Through the Night
Sleep On, Little One
Coventry Lullaby (Coventry Carol)
Day and Night
Far in the Wood (You’ll Find a Well)
Moon and Sun
Go Away, Little Fairies (Baloo Baleerie)
Rock-A-Bye Baby, Thy Cradle Is Green
Sleep, Little Child, Go to Sleep
Little Children
Bedtime (The Evening Is Coming, the Sun Sinks to Rest)
And Say Goodnight
Coulter’s Candy (Ally Bally Bee)
Kerry Lullaby
Brahms Lullaby (Cradle Song)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Rock a Bye Baby (On the Tree Top)
Rocking Carol
Star Light, Star Bright (Star Wish)
Come Let’s to Bed
Sweet Be Your Sleep

A Nighttime Blessing
Ten Little Indians
Diddle, Diddle Dumpling, My Son John
Inchworm (The Inch Worm)
Manx Lullaby (Arrane Ny Clean)
Dance Ter Yer Daddy
Cackle, Cackle Mother Goose
Sur Le Pont D’avignon
Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain 0:47/I See the Moon 0:40
Who Killed Cock Robin?
Red Sky At Night
Here’s the Church, Here’s the Steeple
Shortnin’ Bread
Irish Lullaby (Toora Loora Looral)
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Baby Bye, Here’s a Fly
I Love Little Kitty
Underneath the Spreading Chestnut Tree
Sleep, Sweet Babe (The Virgin’s Cradle Hymn)
Cloud Pictures
Clap Hands, Clap Hands (Till Father Comes Home)
Slumber Song
All Night All Day (Angels Watching Over Me)
Sweet and Low
Bright Morning Stars Are Rising
Ba, Be, Bi, Bo, Bu
Down in the Valley (Birmingham Jail)
I’ll See You in My Dreams

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