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This is a bundle of 10 Drum Tutorials by Sina (as published on YouTube) plus a video with Outtakes (not published on YouTube).

Download size: 8.2 GB (Big File!!!)

Please note: The 11 files are zipped. You need some standard Unzip software to access the videos and a fast internet connection in order to download the videos in a reasonable amount of time.

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4 reviews for Download Package 3: Tutorials

  1. jorge luis arias vente

    hi sina, it’s a good video, if there wasn’t outtakes or another reason maybe was blocked, because i had seen your 10 tutorials and it was good, please note that i can’t pledge all your videos but i have the pleasure to see, sorry if i use the classical english
    danke dir

  2. Make Nurmi

    Hei Sina,
    Oikeastaan tykkäsin sinusta heti ensi videon katsottuani, mutta halusin lisää.
    Hi Sina,
    I actually liked you at the first sight, checking the first video of you, but I wanted to see more.
    Saattaa ollakin, että olisit yksi maailman taitavimmista rumpaleista. . . kaunein toki ilman meikkiä.
    Might be, that you are one of the best drumkit talents throughout the planet. . . the most beautiful without any make-up-
    Koska olen Suomesta, kirjoitin omalla kielellä ensin.
    Because I’m from Finland, I wrote in Finnish language first.
    Ja Sinulle Sina Doering: Parasta mitä ikinä voit saada. Onnellisuuden!
    And for you Sina Doering: The best you can ever get. Happiness!
    Rakkaudella Make <3
    With Love Mack <3
    J.K. Toivottavasti opit suomen kieltä edes vähän 🙂
    P.S. I hope that you have learned Finnish language at least one bit 🙂
    Kiitos / Thank You / Danke / Grazie / Merci / Gracias
    Sie sind Wunderbar, meine Fräundin 😀

  3. Make Nurmi

    The only way for me to support you is to love you very much
    and buy as many recordings you can produce. You are the Best! <3

  4. lonnierichter (verified owner)

    these are very interesting, and a lot of fun to watch, it gives a lot of insight, on how things are done.

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