Avonlea Martin

Most likely, Avonlea has always been a singer but she was about 10 years old, when she first started writing original songs, teaching herself how to play Piano, Guitar, Ukulele etc. Some 5 years later I found her YouTube channel and I knew I had to ask her to appear on my album.

Download Avonlea’s original song ‘Kylie Jenner’ on iTunes

That was just about the time when she was auditioning for ‘America’s Got Talent’, so it was tough to get through to her but when she replied and when she agreed to send over an original track for ‘Chi Might’ I was absolutely blown away. My dad and I added drums / bass and guitars to her amazing track. We are incredibly happy that we could get hold of her just before she was signed to a major recording label.

This is Avonlea’s YouTube Channel, this is her Facebook Page.

Making of ‘Kylie Jenner’