Thanks for visiting my shop!

Let me just give you a short overview regarding the different categories

1. Media

This category contains my physical CDs, my USB Drive and also the downloadable products (music & videos). The physical products are shipped by my lovely sister Milena. Please note that she cannot work on my shop every day. She ships all cumulated orders 2 or 3 times per week. Please allow some additional days for international shippings! Enter  the ‘Media’ category here


2. Signed items

I have to tell you that I’m overwhelmed how much interest there is in my used drum sticks and used drum skins! That’s very flattering but the downside: Those items are constantly sold out. I do not want to make them more expensive because that would feel to me like a rip-off. Instead, for the future we will collect some used gear and make special ‘sales’ 2 or 3 times a year which we are going to announce on Facebook and/or YouTube, so watch out for those! Enter ‘signed items’ category here

P.S. You are an official or unofficial Patron of mine and you really need some signed stuff? Then please use the ‘Contact’ tab and shoot me a mail 🙂

3. Merchandise

This is a special category because ANY MERCHANDISE I OFFER IS SHIPPED VIA SPREADSHIRT.COM. Those items are produced in the USA and shipped from the USA, so the logistics are a lot easier.There is also a Spreadshirt Branch for Europe.
Please note: Due to the fact that we do not store or ship those products ourselves, they cannot be ordered via our shop but only via Spreadshirt.  – you can find the Spreadshirt links if you go here


4. Nursery Rhymes

Another very special category! These are the Original Nursery Rhyme Collection Double CD Albums (physical copies). My new Sina’s Nursery Rhyme Album is based on those recordings – from a technical point of view, my Nursery Rhyme versions are drum covers of those songs. Those original versions were recorded by Mike Wilbury, Rick Benbow, Ian Watts, Mat Williams and many more British musicians. In fact those are the same people that are in volved in all my Cover Collaborations and my Original Chi Might AlbumsMilena. Enter  the ‘Nursery Rhyme’ category here