10 Styles of 10 popular drummers

This is the 10th and last part of my little tutorial series, I hope you enjoyed!

There’s not much to say about this as I made quite a few comments in the video. However, there is one fill that’s a little more tricky, actually one of my favorite fills. It’s fill No2 of Neil Peart (starting at 8:08). Some important aspects I did not explain in the video: The fill’s length is exactly 1 bar, but the special thing about it: There are 3 notes per 8th note, so the bar is divided into 24 notes of the same length each. In theory those are 16th triplets but they are linked in  6 groups of 4. So instead of playing 4 groups of 6 you play 6 groups of 4 which creates the special feel. You are playing groups of 4 but you have to concentrate on groups of 6. I hope I could make this point clear. All the rest is pretty basic.