Drum Tutorials

My new drum tutorial series was launched on January 3rd 2017. There will be one new tutorial featuring another famous drummer every Tuesday.

Tutorial #1 – Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater – Pull Me Under)

Tutorial #2 – Alex Van Halen (Van Halen – Jump)

Tutorial #3 – Ian Paice (Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water)

Tutorial #4 – Phil Rudd (AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie)

Tutorial #5 – Terry Williams (Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing)

Tutorial #6 – Tré Cool (Green Day – Basket Case)

Tutorial #7 – Roger Taylor (Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody)

Tutorial #8 – Jeff Porcaro (TOTO – Rosanna)

Tutorial #9 – (Pearl Jam – Alive)

Tutorial #10 – (One Song in the style of 10 popular drummers)


The concept behind my tutorials…

… is basically, there isn’t any. You might expect some of the following:

  • charts
  • transcriptions
  • play-along tracks
  • pdf files

Sorry, guys!

You won’t get any of those. But what you will get is one song per week, divided into sections, played at regular speed and slow speed and even at super slow tempo in case of any complicated bits.

Each song features one different drummer / band, so as time goes by this website is going to be a nice resource to learn about your favorite drummers / bands and songs.

There are going to be songs which are considered complicated (like the one mentioned on top) and there are going to be songs that are considered very easy to play (like AC/DC songs). Personally, I don’t quite believe in those concepts. It’s not easy to play AC/DC, it’s only less technical but it can be pretty tough to make a simply 4/4 beat actually groove!

On the other hand, if you think one particular song might be too complicated for you to look into, you might still find some of those licks interesting in terms of nicking just one or two of them and incorporating them into your playing?

And another aspect: Obviously, I can only demonstrate my approach, my interpretation of different drummer’s styles. I won’t use exactly the same techniques, not the same sticking, not the same toms, cymbals etc. All you will get is some behind-the-scene views on ‘how Sina does it’. If you are looking for more exact resources and note-for-note transcriptions, this series is not right for you (there are many others, just do a query on YouTube).