Who I am

My name is Sina, I’m a drummer (most of the time). A musician. I like good music. All good music. What is good music? Good music is music that I like, it’s as simple as that 😉 And I have to confess that I’m not a Metal Chick. I like some Metal bands but not all of them. I enjoy all kinds of different musical styles. Many guys see my drum covers and they ask me to cover all those Speed Metal Thrash Bands. I recognize the speed of all those drummers but that’s not for me. Sorry guys!

How I became who I am

Little Sina
Little Sina

I was born in 99. Most likely because 99 is one of my favorite tracks by Toto and because Jeff Porcaro is one of my favorite drummers. Let’s start with my mum. Makes sense? Yes. She is an amateur Piano player and she sings all the time. Which is difficult sometimes. But she sings very well.

My dad is a professional Live & Studio musician. In the very month I was born he started touring Europe with a Beatles Tribute Show which he continued doing for the next 10 years to come.

When I was 2 years old I joined him for the first time on tour (in Austria, so I was told). I enjoyed that a lot, esp. the big tour bus, and I kept attending his Shows as often as possible. Yes, I’m the little girl on the big screen (the little dog is a toy dog btw). During Soundcheck I used to count all the chairs. Sometimes I was dancing. There is a 10 second clip showing me dancing to ‘The Long And Winding Road’ but that’s Top secret!

When I was 6, my dad started recording educational music for children to help them learn the English language. For the first release (a musical called “A Toy Soldier In Love”) I was booked as a model and actor… Yes, the girl on the book cover at 0:05 is me and also the girl talking to the Toy Soldier.

Anyway, my dad teamed up with some of his English colleagues to produce some decent music for children. They recorded traditional Nursery Rhymes with a proper Band in a Rock, Pop or Folk feel. They did the same with German Nursery Rhymes and this time I was booked as a background singer. I was about 10 then. You want to listen to a traditional German Folk song arranged and recorded by my dad and little Sina doing all the backing vocals? Here you go, my vocal part starts at 1:02 !

Around that time I started drumming. My dad had bought a drum set for his studio in order to record Live drums. Although he plays most instruments (the ones with strings on or keys attached to) he is not a drummer and so I had to do the job. It took me about half an hour to learn (ha ha, a joke) and we started recording immediately. Ok, it took about a year before I first appeared on a commercial release. This is a track with the same singer who did the folk song (above) but this time I’m the drummer and not the backing singer any more!

I kept recording stuff for and with my dad and when I was 14, my YouTube channel went online. The very first drum cover I did was Metropolis Pt. 1 by Dream Theater. The great response encouraged me to build the channel by uploading more covers. It was quite tempting to go on like that but as an artist it’s not really satisfying to do one cover after the other. To be honest – it’s bloody useless! No, it’s not, it’s a great way to learn playing different styles of different drummers. But nevertheless it was about time to think about original songs. It was kind of helpful that my dad is a songwriter and arranger, so that was a good point to start from.

The first “real” album I played on was written by Briony Williams, the daughter of one of my dad’s English friends and colleagues. At first this album was only a collection of poems Briony wrote at the age of 14. Then she started to put her poems into music, her dad helped her with the instruments, about a year later my dad produced the album and I played the drums for a couple of her tunes. If you are into Acoustic Singer-Songwriter music, listen to her album Solstice for free!

Since then I was involved in a couple of collaborations with many musicians all over the world. To name just a few, I recorded 2 drum tracks for an album of Denny Anthony (who sings on the Chi Might track ‘Speed Up’), on the same track appears Dennis Hormes, one of the greatest guitarists I ever heard (and I heard a lot!)

I was also involved in a track with the fabulous Indian crossover band Maati Baani (see the video below). That very track also features the talents of Lari Basilio, an amazing Brasilian guitar player and Shalini Mohan, who does incredible stuff on the bass.

So far so good but now it’s about time to create something original, something that wasn’t there before. Click here to check out my original Chi Might Project, listen for free or download or buy the album.