Mike Portnoy

I think that Jeff Porcaro of Toto was my first drum hero and the first song I really wanted to learn was Rosanna. But the next drum hero of mine was definitely Mike Portnoy. Images & Words was one of the albums my parents used to play pretty often and so I kind of discovered Dream Theater as another favorite band of mine.

So due to the fact that my Rosanna cover was blocked worldwide (what a disappointment that was!) my first tutorial won’t be about Jeff Porcaro (there is going to be one about him later on!), the first featured drummer has to be Mike Portnoy style and here we go!

I covered Pull Me Under already some years ago but recently I decided to have another go and this tutorial refers to that new cover I did.

As I already mentioned in the video I’m not going to provide any music sheets or such like. First reason: I do not know how to create those, second reason: I think it’s more important to listen carefully. So I am aware that this tutorial might not be 100 % perfect. All I do id breaking down my approach to this song and Mike Portnoy’s style. If you are looking for perfection, this is the wrong tutorial for you. If you are up for earning how I play this piece, then you will find all key sections of the tune, played at regular speed and slowed down or even in super slow motion. Welcome to my tutorial!

For more information about Mike Portnoy, check out his personal website or his Wikipedia page.