Charlotte Zone

At the age of 9, Charlotte Zone did her first proper Studio recording. Not in my basement, not in her bedroom, not in any London recording studio (where she happens to live) but she did her first Studio recording in New York. Not ‘York’ (England), but in New York City (USA). That’s what I call an early career!

She actually recorded original songs she had written herself. One of those songs is ‘Put It On’. There is some footage showing her performing that very song Live with a proper New York Band of Studio musicians. Quite amazing to see, but Charlotte needs to decide herself when the time is right for presenting that footage to the public – we think it’s most amazing!!

This very recording was the base that we worked with. I kind of used the track like a ‘click track’ and created my drum part. Charlotte used my drum part to add some chords and to do her vocal parts (including backing vocals and all). Towards the end of the song you can hear a little Rap Part. This is taken from the first New York Recording back in the days. I do not know the name of the Rapper, sorry, that will remain a mystery for the moment.

On a nice spring weekend Charlotte’s family came over to our place, all the way from London and we had a lot of fun recording some bits together and shooting the video down in our basement.

So far we had Drums, Guitar and Vocals. We thought this track would be perfect to add some ‘Michael Jackson Vibe’ to. So who’s to call? Rick Benbow!! In order to get the funky feeling right, we also needed a funky bass. That’s a no-brainer. Juna Serita killed it as usual. Done with another Hit Song 🙂

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