Dennis Hormes

Dennis is a German guitar virtuoso. Wrong. He is THE German guitar virtuoso. This is a little background story how he ended up appearing on my first album:

When my dad was still working for the German Distributor of Gibson Guitars in Marburg (around 1997, those were better times for Gibson I was told), he was responsible for players endorsing Gibson guitars. Dennis Hormes was about 15 or 16 y/o then and he was one of those young players. In fact, he was 10 years younger than all the other endorsees, but he played 10 times better than everybody else, already back then. Dennis was one of the young Guitar Stars at the annual Frankfurt Musikmesse (Music Fair, those were better times for Frankfurt Musikmesse as well).

Anyway, when I was born in 1999, my dad quit his job and joined a Beatles Tribute Show (which he kept touring with until 2008), so there was no contact to Dennis any longer. It took some 15 years until my dad stumbled upon Dennis again. Can you guess? In Frankfurt at Musikmesse 2014, when Dennis shared the stage with …. me!!!!

I was invited to play in Frankfurt, being one of the finalists of a Drum Magazine’s competition, so Dennis and me performed right one after the other.
Another fun fact – we found out that he only lived 10 miles away of the little village we moved to when I was 5 years old. That was a pure coincidence. So when we finally started recording Chi Might, we invited Dennis to take the Lead for one of the songs.

In 2016, Dennis released his original Album ‘Six String Therapy’. If you are up for steaming hot guitars and great guitar rock check it out! Dennis’ Facebook Page