Diana Petcu

This song was written for Chi Might 1 and supposed to be the final album song. We recorded drums, bass and all guitars (we even had a trumpet part played by Frank Gerlach) but we couldn’t find a vocalist in time, so the unfinished song went on Stand By. When Andrei Cerbu. first contacted me and asked for a collaboration, we thought this might be a good backing track for him. The result is still online on YouTube, you can look up ‘Latin Jam Andrei Cerbu’. So this was first of many collaborations with Andrei.

Another year later, when we discussed including this song on Chi Might II, it was obvious that Andrei would have to take the Lead Guitar part (the trumpet solo had to go, sorry Frank!) It was also Andrei who suggested Diana Petcu for the Lead vocals (thank you Andrei, belated 16th Birthday!) For more collaborations between Diana and Andrei checkout his YouTube channel. This is one of my favourites:

My dad played the second lead guitar and all the rhythm guitars, I did the bass. Some months later, my Drummers Institute colleague Dominic Bonnaire (https://www.instagram.com/dominicbonnaire/) added Congas and percussion in order to give it a proper Latin feel.

Finally, some background about the lyrics (see below), which are based on a real story:
Back in 2015, I had a Facebook follower who used to send me encouraging messages and he always attached links to YouTube videos with 70s music he loved. One day, he wrote that he wouldn’t be able to follow me anymore. I asked ‘why’ and his answer was ‘on Monday I’ll have to go to prison’. My dad wrote the song based on that story. A final note… the name ‘Scott’ refers to the real person, but it’s not any person of the same name who currently follows me on YouTube, Facebook or Patreon. No harm intended, Scotty!!

verse 1
The pages still unfold, my life has just began
And I am often told that I am far too young
To see beyond the line of boundaries and time
I feel that it’s a sign from heaven high and I’m
Just trying to forget that we have never met
That’s one thing I regret I wish I could reset
What happened in your past when I was still a child
I knew it couldn’t last, still innocent and wild

verse 2
One day you said goodbye you couldn’t write no more
A prisoner you would be, locked behind those doors
I didn’t understand what you had said before
You said you couldn’t send me music anymore
I never asked you why because I just don’t care
A tear ran down my eye and now I am aware
And though it makes me sad I know that you’re not bad
You wouldn’t be that mad about music good as that