Ian Watts

Ian and my dad met for the first time at Liverpool Beatles Week in 2000. They became friends at following Liverpool Beatles Week 2001. So Ian knows me since I am 2. Is that embarrassing? Slightly. They ended up playing various Beatles Tribute Shows together and in 2006 they started common recordings and they became partners in crime ever since.

Ian (a native Englishman) helped my dad producing an educational musical for German kids to learn English and my dad helped Ian to record a collection of Traditional English Nursery Rhymes: The Nursery Rhyme Collection, which became one of the Top 3 best selling Nursery Rhymes CDs on Amazon UK between 2009 and 2013 (fun fact!) I guess those Nursery Rhymes did something to me.

One of the highlights in Ian’s career – without any doubt – was recording a common song with me for my Chi Might project: Innocent.

Anyway, this is an excerpt of the Beatles Tribute Show Ian and my dad were involved in together (Ian is the Paul guy, my dad is the George guy)