Jadyn Rylee

So what can I say about Jaydyn? This is a quote taken from her YouTube Channel:

Jadyn has been singing since the age of two. She loves to be on stage singing to people probably more than anything else in the world.

We started collaborating with Jadyn when she was only ten years old and I’m very proud that our little ‘YourSoundTube’ crew could help to get her career started. Some of our collaborations went viral, with dozens of Millions views on Facebook, but Jadyn is quite popular on YouTube too and culminated our Collaborations have more than 25M views on YouTube alone.

But Jadyn also started writing Original songs and she’s really successful with those songs too. He is involved with various ‘anti bullying’ campaigns which she takes really serious. It gets increasingly difficult to get hold of her for common projects, but we will keep trying!