John Ainsworth

John Ainsworth
John Ainsworth

Some collaborations were done within 3 days (Hey Samael, I’m Sina, how about a collab? Hey, great, send me the track. Here’s the track! Hey great, here’s my bass part, hope you like it. Oh wow, I love it, Samael!!)

Other collaborations turned out to be more … challenging. I guess this was one of those more challenging. It was actually my dad who found John busking in Manchester. Being a guitarist himself, he was dead impressed with John’s skills. That was in June 2015 and John was one of the first artists we asked to contribute to the album but it took until June 2016 until we could finally release our common track for the Chi Might Project. John is one of the hottest Acoustic 12-string-guitar players ever. His live performances leave the audience shocked and stunned. If you have a chance to see him perform live – don’t miss it (and see the video below)! Finally an excerpt taken from John’s website (shortened):

John in his own words

Hello, my name’s John Ainsworth and I’m a singer, guitarist, singer/songwriter, or something along those lines. I usually write and play on a twelve-string guitar but I have been known to dabble on the 6 string and the piano every now and then.  I suppose I’d say that some of my music is bluesy, heavy dark rock like blues that is. Some is classical based but with rock influences. Some is really mellow and dream-like, and some is a little on the folky side, they tend to be the more honest or heartfelt songs. I’ve been writing and performing music since I was a kid, I learnt how to sing first, then the guitar, and then the piano. I was probably one of the most frustrating music pupils my teachers had as I never practiced what was given to me. I’d get given some piece by Mozart to practice on the piano and instead I’d end up teaching myself the James Bond theme, or get given a classical piece to learn on the guitar and end up teaching myself some Hendrix.  But I was a kid and I thought the James Bond theme sounded cool.

Up to this point I hadn’t written any songs and had never attempted to write lyrics, only pieces of music. It was only when I left music school and started listening to rock music and became what some would describe as a “mosher” that I got the drive to start a band and write songs. Song writing started as a hobby, then a passion and then it became my life. The drive to write music and lyrics and create something new to this world infected me like a plague and there was nothing anyone could do! Ever since then all I’ve wanted to do is write, record, play gigs and that’s all I have done… well mostly.