Johnny Kovacs

This is the closing track of Chi Might II. Again, this creates a bit of a circle, citing the mysterious ‘elf’ of the first album track. We do not know exactly, what she says, but we assume that the elf’s world was still kind of OK in the first song, while it seems completely messed up up at the end. Hopefully, this won’t happen to the world, that we live in…

Before I go into details, a big thanks to Kirchhoff Schlagwerk for letting me have a wonderful shiny drumkit, to Meinl Cymbals for letting my have wonderful shiny cymbals and to Evans for letting me have shiny drum heads with a Big ‘Boom’.

We were lucky to have Johnny Kovacs for the vocal part. He came over to our place and we recorded this song and also a Cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs on that day. He fronts the High Energy Band TYLER LEADS, along with his twin brother on guitar. If you have a chance to see the Band live, don’t miss it. We played a couple of gigs together (Tyler Leads and The Gäs), and they really do rock…

Some Background: This is actually the first song that I would give myself credit for as a ‘songwriter’. I did not right all the song, I did not even write the main parts in terms of melodies, but I developed the part 2:06 – 2:30. Now this is for the Rhythm Nerds out there:

The general feel is 12/8, I play groups of seven 16th notes on top of that. I don’t start on Beat 1, but on Beat 2, so the first six 16th notes are regular, then I play 6 groups of 7 = 42 16th which add up nicely to 48 16th notes, so at the end of the 2 bar phrase I’m on Beat 1 again (because as you know, 2 x 12/8 = 24/8 = 48/16)

I created all the different grooves of the song around that feel. Again, it was my dad who helped out with some riffs and melodies.

The lyrics were written by Leander Kulms who went to school with Milena. He is a proper writer, he writes poems both in German and English. He gave us this poem in order to set it to music, which we did. Thanks to our friend Scott Bayne for revising the lyrics and making some adjustments.