Juna N Joey

We are very proud to feature Juna N Joey, the skyrocketing Country duo on Chi Might II. If you want to learn more about the siblings, make sure to follow their Facebook page and to check out their amazing Covers on YouTube:

Some Background information

If you are interested, be prepared for a long story:
The song came into existence when my dad ordered a Ukulele as a Christmas present for Milena last year. When it arrived, he took the Uke, strummed down the strings and he liked the tuning which was kinda random. He isn’t actually a Ukulele player, so he just took the Ukulele, set up a microphone, turned on the camera, played some licks using the random tuning and put it back into the box for Christmas.

After Christmas 2017, he listened back to the intro licks he had recorded and designed a Folky/Country-ish song around it. The next step was recording the drums on top of the Uke- and Acoustic Guitars (usually a recording would start with the drums, but we do change the standard procedure quite often).

Another little detail worth mentioning: One of my earliest supporters, known as TamaSonor on YouTube, my friend Andrew Hutchison from Down Under, had sent me that little Splash Cymbal you can see in the video, only because he liked it so much and he wanted me to use it. Thanks again, Andrew! This little effect sound added nicely to the feel of the song and kinda pushed it into this direction.

It was now clear that we were looking for a Country singer. We had a young girl in mind but she didn’t like the song, so we were desperately searching for another singer. We asked Al Atkinson for advice and he sent us some links of promising artists. He said something like ‘It’s your decision but I would go for Juna N Joey’. So after we clicked on one of their videos the decision was obvious after 2 seconds. They were too good to ignore and Juna, who took the lead vocals, is absolutely killing it.

But there’s more to it. We asked Rick Benbow to add some subtle Hammond and a ‘Saloon Piano’. He did that but he also added a full Strings Arrangement. We never thought about strings, but well, so be it. Then we liked the idea to add a little instrumental part to the track. This is kinda like ‘how to NOT have a hit’. No song is supposed to be longer than 3 minutes in order to comply with the laws of the music industry. Nobody cares for guitar solos anymore. We did differently. Why? Because we can. We are 100% independent, we do what we like and this song needed a Guitar Hero. So who’s to call? Andrei Cerbu. Right, that’s a no-brainer.

What else? Andrei, Milena and I took some backing vocals and Milena strummed along on the Banjo. What a talented little sister I have!!