Juna Serita

Now this one might seem a bit extreme.
Most likely because Juna Serita is plain mad, but in a most adorable way. She’s the most amazing Bass player I could think of.

When we first found her on YouTube, we asked her immediately if she was interested in some collaborations. It wasn’t easy to get hold of her as she is a very busy studio and session player. She keeps touring in Japan with various bands and amazing musicians, but she’s also been playing in the USA, along with renowned musicians.

Juna Serita ended up providing a unique bass part for a couple of album tracks, so we asked her if she was interested in providing one of her Originals and singing it. This song is one of the tracks she suggested and I loved it right from the start, so we decided to record it for the album and leave it very rough and basic – only bass, drums and vocals.
We are aware that this is not for everyone but Juna’s fans love this!!