Kara Glazer

Kara Glazer
Kara Glazer

Kara in her own words

Hi, I’m Kara, a singer/songwriter, pianist from the USA. I love music, all styles of music and I have been taking vocal/piano lessons for a number of years.
Since the age of 11 I have performed at a number of local venues and, have even had the opportunity to share the stage with American Singer/Songwriter, Producer Eric Bazilian to perform his 6 time grammy nominated song One of Us.
I am incredibly thankful for having the opportunity to work with Sina on her Chi Might Project and to collaborate on the arrangement of my original song Fate.

Some background information

Kara was one of the young songwriters who followed our call for musicians back in 2015, and this is her Original song she contributed to the album.
The procedure was quite typical for our workflow: Kara sent a demo, I created a drum part, my dad added some bass and guitars. We sent the result to Kara and she recorded her piano and her vocals on top of our basic track. This is the result.

We would also like to thank Kara’s dad Rich, who was always incredibly supportive towards our project. He happens to be the founder of the @topvocalist and @wowmusicians Instagram communities (with overall 240k followers). You can also find them on YouTube: https://bit.ly/2OOQ9OU

Finally, you can follow Kara on Instagram, look out for @Kaez_official (20k followers)