Mikalyn was 16 y/o when she provided her song for Chi Might II, she lives in Toronto, Canada. We found her on Facebook and just like Emma Marie Music, Mikalyn is not only a natural singer but also a natural songwriter. She is able to sit down and write a song within minutes, including lyrics and all.

Mikalyn wrote ‘Come Out’ for Chi Might II. She sent a demo (piano & vocals), we thought about the groove and recorded a rhythm track (drums & bass). Mikalyn liked the approach and she recorded her piano and vocal part on top of our basic rhythm track, she sent her files and we added them to our rhythm track. As usual, I did the drums (surprise, surprise) and my dad did the bass and guitar bits.

If you followed our little series and read about the background of the other album tracks you will recognize that this was quite a typical workflow. It doesn’t matter on which continent a collaborator lives, the only requirement is the ability to do basic recordings at home plus an internet connection for transfering the audio- and video files.

Finally, we would like to encourage you to check out Mikalyn’s Channels. You will find some lovely covers, but most important, plenty of Original music: