Mirron Webb

Mirron Webb fronts one of the UK’s up and coming Prog Rock Bands Hey Jester and if you are interested in the genre you should check this out:

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Rick Benbow, who is a big fan of Progressive Rock, was really impressed with Mirron’s composition. Rick contributed some keyboard sounds to ‘Thirsty tree’ in order to add to the dark mood, but most of what you hear was actually created on electric guitars and bass by Mirron himself. Listen to the verse beginning at 0:48. The beautiful chords sound like they were played on a Wurlitzer Electric Piano but Mirron played them on his guitar. The odd time signature part beginning at 2:35 is just amazing. Try to count along!

So how did we find Mirron? This time it was in fact the other way round. Mirron’s dad generously supported the Kickstarter campaign for my first Chi Might Album and to make up for it, I provided some drumparts for several of Mirron’s compositions, shortly after the album release in 2016. I liked ‘Thirsty Tree’ in particular and when we thought about songs for Chi Might II, we asked Mirron if we could borrow this track for the album. Glad that he approved!