Mat Williams

Mat is one of my dad’s colleagues and he was involved in recording the Nursery Rhyme Collection that my Nursery Rhyme Project is based upon. Some years ago I helped Mat’s daughter Briony to record her first Album. Her song ‘Hiatus’ was the bonus track of my first Album and it was clear that Mat should be involved in my 2nd album ‘Chi Might II’

Some background information

Mat Williams, my dad and their colleague Ian Watts (both from England), started in the autums of 2011 to produce a Traditional Folk Album, including some well known songs like ‘Scarborough Fair’ or ‘Wild Rover’, but also some less known songs.

I recorded the drums for one of the album tracks, for ‘Wild Rover’ and that was one of my first professional recordings at the age of 12 (2 years before I started my YouTube Channel).
Now back to ‘Ages Of Man’. This is the least typical album song, I wasn’t involved at all, but I think the arrangement is stunning, so we asked Mat if he would mind if I add a drum part to the song, some 7 years later. The Original recording had some subtle drums but I wanted to make it bigger.

Due to the fact that the Album was mixed and produced by my dad, he still had all the original files and we could easily revisit the 2011 project, remove the old percussion parts and work out a new arrangement for the drums.
Apart from the drums, all other instruments were recorded back in 2011/2012. It’s Mat Williams on Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Upright Bass my dad played the Electric Guitar bits, Ian Watts did the Electric Bass and Backing vocals, Dicky Deegan played the wonderful Irish Whistle.