Victoria K

Rock’n’Roll has died, and the pain is real, but as long as there are young artists like Victoria K music (Australia), there is at least some hope on a better future! Obviously, Victoria was our first choice for this song. After we recorded the basic riffs, we asked Victoria if she was interested in writing the lyrics and a melody for the ‘We Will Rock’ part, and she delivered!

When Victoria was the first choice for the female Rock Vocal part, Andrei Cerbu. (Romania) was out first choice for the Rock Guitar Hero bits. And of course, he also did the Blues guitar solo bits at the beginning.

So let’s talk about the bass now. Yes, it’s all about da bass. Juna Serita (Japan) is an incredible bass player. This was out first collaboration and we were so impressed that we asked her to provide some more bass parts for some other album songs. We are so happy that she did, so stay tuned for some more of Juna’s funky bits!

What else? The guitar riffs were written and recorded by my dad (Germany), the crazy Hammond parts were done by our keyboard wizard Rick Benbow (England). Just like Juna and Andrei, Rick is one of our core musicians. He was on board already for the first Chi Might album and of course you can hear him all over the Chi Might II album.