Woman From Tokyo; Deep Purple (drum cover)


  1. Well played, Sina. VERY well played!

    FACT: You absolutely rock. Please know that yours truly *truly* appreciates your incredible talent, and that, on behalf of every single one of your faithful fans… we thank you for selflessly sharing your skills with those of us who could no more carry a tune in a bucket, than could the man in the moon. : )

  2. Hello, Sina.

    Well done!! Thanks to you and your father for sharing your videos. I’ve liked your FB page and will be enjoying your covers from here on out. I played drums once in my life (“Green Onions” in high school) but always wanted to learn how to play professionally. For now, it’s guitar (badly) and bass (even more badly).

    Hope you don’t mind if I live vicariously through your vids!

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA

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