Hotel California (The Eagles)


  1. dear SINA, my beautiful magical angel I love this video and all the magic you put in to it you are an out of this wold drum player and a really great musician I love all your videos and music you know you my supper star and I love you my beautiful friend I think you are really great I love you from david

  2. Dear Sina,

    I regret to see that your video has been blocked. I’m a member of a cover band (2H2H) and had that same problem. I don’t understand why they did this, because like I did, you explicitly stated that it is a cover. In my case I sent a protest to youtube and it helped. My video is no longer blocked.

    I hope you will succeed protesting against this ‘blockade’. I think you’re a fantastic musician and I surely am one of your greatest fans.

    Greetings Peter/2H2H

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