Master Of Puppets (Metallica)

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  1. Sina,
    What can I say? You probably don’t even begin to realize just far and how fast your accomplishments are. But your fans do! The day will come when you do, ( which I believe the modest you has ) is the day you just kick back smile and enjoy.
    However if that day is the day you choose to shout out, brag and begin telling the world what you have done, then that’s the same day you better stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at yourself. No one else will be looking! To be honest I (we) don’t think that would be an issue with you! You have been such an open and caring person to your fans.
    In short this is more to do with any aspiring musicians out there. It’s not only your music that’s gonna get you ahead, the rest is you your self and no one else just you !! Role model ? Right here’s one! SINA, your not going to get much better than SINA!
    I ran into something called ‘OK.RU’ , I can’t read the language but they sure seemed to like Sina-Drums! I guess Sina is really Popular on OK.RU. I copied an address of one of their pages if anyone is interested, I would suppose one could navigate to their home page from there.

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