Smoke On The Water; drum cover


  1. Hi Sina,
    Great cover! Again! I’ve been listening to your CD for a while now and have come to like it a lot. I’m kinda on a Rush kick(again) right now so it has fit in well with my current tastes well. I know you are performing in the studio a lot and pushing out the videos, but do you also perform live much or jam with other people? I know connecting live with others is a joy for me. When everyone is on and “The Smile” is going around, for me there is no other feeling like it. So, once again, do you play much with other people?

    1. Thanks a lot, Thomas! I’ve been looking out for a band but it’s very difficult in the area I live, I couldn’t find the right people yet but I make it up with my collaborations. Things will get easier when I have a driver license next year 🙂

      1. You’ll gain a lot of freedom when you can drive. Most people that are focused are not into trouble. So find the right people and your future will explode in front of you and your talent. Good luck and follow your muse.

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