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The Chi Might Project – What’s the point?

Today it’s all about DJs, Loops, Producers, Loops, Sequencers, Loops, Sampling & Loops. Did I mention loops? I don’t like this development at all, I’m so fed up with those kind of ‘copy & paste’ productions, but what can we do about it..?

Back in June 2015, we started collaborating with many different artists from all over the world in order to create some real music, played by actual musicians on actual instruments. The result of those international collaborations was The Chi Might Project. The first Chi Might Album was launched in 2016 and now, 2 years later, I’m excited to announce that we started working on Chi Might II, due to be released in October 2018. We are going to launch one album track after the other on YouTube throughout Spring and Summer of 2018, starting on February 16th. You can be involved in funding the album via my Patreon Page. So you will be part of my supporters, you will get the new Album earlier than anybody else. Check out all my goodies!

What we have so far

You can listen to the first Album for free or download on iTunes. If you want to support me, you can order a physical CD copy (incl. a beautiful 16 pages booklet) or my super-sophisticated super special ‘Sina-drums’ USB drive, containing all Chi-Might videos + all Audio files + secret videos and Outtakes: Go to Sina’s Shop.

Go here to see all links for all distribution channels (Amazon, eBay, JPC, iTunes) and for more information about The Chi Might Project.

What else?

Whilst concentrating on Original music throughout 2015/2016 we collaborated with many new artists in 2017 in order to create some amazing covers. The best of those are now released on our album YourSongBook. We keep working on more Cover Songs, which will be released on another YourSongBook edition soon.

How can I help?

If you want to support me funding my upcoming Chi Might II album, or the next edition of YourSongBook, or simply in order to create MORE and BETTER videos for my YouTube Channel., you can the Donate button on the right or sign up to my Patreon page.